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Everything you need is already inside. Just do it

Everything you need is already inside. Just do it

I went to the gym last night because I booked my first deadlift class. Deadlift means that you raise 20-30- kg pushing upwards with your legs (see pic). When he told me what to do I thought it was impossible but, at the end of the class, that is after 30 min, I raised 50 kilos.

When he told me that the bar plus those weights were 50 kilos I was shocked and believed he was kidding me. Then, I checked myself and he was right, 50 KILOS.

Please watch this video to find inspiration

If I did it everyone can, everything we need is already inside. We just need to believe so

Happy weekend to everyone

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Thanks for posting but am having trouble watching the video!


Video won't play but it would probably make me cringe with my dodgy back! Well done you though!


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