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I'm starting my weight loss today (again)

I have some bathroom scales, but what I weigh on them can vary by so much per day that they cannot be right (7lbs in either direction sometimes)

Can anyone recommend decent bathroom scales that can cope with approx. 18 stone?

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Hi Mortality! Are your scales digital? I would definitely recommend digital ones, they seem much more accurate, just as long as they're on level ground not carpet! ;)

Good luck with your journey!

No not digital and I've been weighing on carpet as well, thanks will see what digital ones there are.

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sounds like carpet is the culprit!

You should weigh yourself in the same spot everytime on a hard flour. But you can still fluctuate quite rapidly, i easily fluctuate a couple of lbs :)


scales wise i have a cheap salter ones which i bought from tescos, they also do body fat percentage.

I give up with scales. I had a really good set of electronic scales and they died. I replace them with a super dooper all singing set, which were vastly reduced in the sales. They under weighed by miles after a while so when I stared to loose weight I got a set of mechanical ones, which worked really well until Wednesday. So I now have two sets of scales which are incorrect. I weighed myself at the gym and even with shoes on and towel etc in my hands I was less than the mechanical ones.

The scales you own are probably fine but don't t keep on weighing yourself. Choose a day and only weigh yourself then once a week. Weigh yourself when you first get up and view this as a baseline for yourself. Definitely use them on tiles etc and mark that spot as the pressure points under the scales are really sensitive and the slightest dip in the floor can affect the reading. Trust me I have experimented with the best place to put my digital scales and now keep them in the kitchen and not the bathroom which has carpet. Have you tried measuring yourself with a tape measure as well? It is reassuring to see your measurements decrease as well as the pounds. Hope this helps and keep going. Xx

Itsbab4 stone

I have bought a set of salter digital ones like crazy kitten I got them off amazon about 14.99 but I have noticed some stores have them on offer at the mo. I just make sure I place them in the same place each time so there is no floor difference. The ones I got have some little pegs you put on the bottom if you are weighing on carpet.

I tend to weigh in the same time every week, say Monday morning and try not to weight before. Weigh can fluctuate, you should weigh yourself before breakfast. Scales can be different and the surface the scales is on and your clothes can also make a difference.

A work friend told me most of this when I was starting out. I bought a scales with a body fat analyser but it doesn't seem to analyse it! I have a salter scales. Cheap is fine I reckon. You can also weigh on those scales that charge 50p their in a Tesco near me and they do a proper check of your bmi and analyse your body. They give you a print out too

I have a set from Amazon, I find they are very accurate on hard floors, I don't have any carpet so can't comment on that! But at £11 they're actually really good.


Think it will be carpet that is the problem, put them on a level hard floor and see how you go.

Hi I have a set of Weight Watchers digital scales that weigh in increments of a quarter of a pound. I like them as they can record even just losing a small amount of weight. They have to be on level floor, definitely no carpet. We have square tiles in the bathroom and I know which is the best tile to put them on as any small movement can change the weight by quite a few pounds. I assume you are weighing yourself at the same time every day and with the same clothes on otherwise that can make a huge difference as well. I think the ones I have are about £15 in Argos. 18 stone should be no problem I think they go up to a lot more than that.

Yes I weigh myself the same time every morning, wearing light PJs. It's just yesterday I was 7lb lighter, they can't be correct.

I will take a look for those scales, thanks :)

No that doesn't sound correct. I weigh myself everyday too. I find it helps to motivate me if I see I have lost even just a quarter of a pound and if I have put on then I try really hard that day. If I left it to the end of the week and I had not lost anything I would be very miserable. You do what feels right for you :)

I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday, but to be honest if it helps to keep me motivated and determined to lose the weight, well I need all the help I can get. :)

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