Help devil is feeding me biscuits !!!

End of a busy day sat down and been back to the kitchen twice to get more biscuits.... if I don't stop now I will ruin my diet, I decided to sign in and tell you all whats happening to take my mind off biscuits and I can tell you it has worked I now honestly feel like I have pushed the junk food devil right back out the front door. THANK YOU FOR HELPING X


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12 Replies

  • Yes, I too reach for my IPad instead of my fridge!

  • Well done for keeping away from those biscuits. I find just coming on here helps take my mind off eating and gives me motivation when I read lots of the posts. Keep it up! :)

  • Great news. Well done for stopping at a sensible number

  • I went and cleaned my teeth, found that it really helps. And coming on here too of course 😁😁

  • Brill you managed to divert your focus on the biscuits in a good way well done😊👍

    👿 devil be banned!

  • Put the biscuits somewhere very high up, then put the step ladder away somewhere inconvenient, and make yourself a herbal tea or something instead. Mouse's teethbrushing is a good suggestion too.

  • Thank you all for replying with your encouraging messages it really helps to know support is out there. Brushed my teeth so that's me done with food for today managed to stay under my calorie limit so another good day done. Goodnight all and good luck x

  • Change the habit. Change chairs, leave a book/magazine on the arm/seat of the chair so you have to pick it up to sit down so hopefully will read instead of going to kitchen. Change to a different drink which isn't linked to biscuits . Another idea picked up from posts - close the kitchen door.

  • Well tip..don't buy biscuits! lol. (Caramel rice cakes are a great alternative if you REALLY have to eat something sweet..Good luck..

  • Hi. When I got in from work I used to do the same. I would snack because I was hungry at the end of a busy day. The rest of the family wouldn't be back for a couple of hours when we would eat our main meal of the day together. Now I make sure I have my main meal of the day as soon as I get in, even if the family are not in from work. The stones have gone and I am much better for it.

    I have even told the devil what she can go and do with her biscuits!

  • well done !!! xxx

  • I'm the same. I can go all day eating healthily. Smoothie for breakfast, fruit for snacks, a small sandwich at lunchtime, and even a healthy evening meal. Late at night, the Devil takes over. I know it's my body rejecting tiredness and craving sugar for extra energy. I should just go to bed.

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