Staying on course

Well kept active when away on holiday and kept to healthy eating -just been to fresh start appointment. Have not put on weight - have lost about 3/4 lb. So am staying on course. Feel chuffed that I kept to my goal of keeping to the plan which is a big achievement as I have a sweet tooth and I was determined to avoid sugary treats, desserts etc. The challenge now is to keep focussed as I return to work after my holiday.

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  • That's great, and doesn't it feel good to be in control?! Good luck when you return to work, I think the key there is planning your meals and snacks so you are not just grabbing anything when you are hungry, tired or short of time. Good luck!

  • thanks for replying.......I agree I need to do some planning. Wishing you the best with your weight loss journey/

  • Very well done! That is an excellent achievement 😊

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