Chocoholic had none for 2 weeks πŸŽ‰

Joined 2 weeks ago. Think I need to follow people lol didn't know you had to do that 😝

Just wanted to say I have a busy week as my daughter is moving out into her second year of uni house.

Husband was dignored with high bp & type 2 diabetes so it's all on but we're really trying.

I used to emotional eat & eat lots of sugary foods mainly chocolate but since I've refrained I feel so much better & calmer.

I can't let myself have one little piece though yet as it leads to me eating the whole thing. Anyone else the same or have you learned to control it?

Alyson. πŸ˜‹


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  • I was the same when I started. Cut out chocolate and crisps all together. Chocolate wasn't so hard but if there was a crisp in the house it would get eaten.

    Now, 16 months on i can have both in the house. I have a few squares of chocolate every day and a small packet of crisps at lunch. Not a whole multipack! Strange how our brains work.

  • Aww that's good to know I thought I'd have to be off it for good!

    It's just once I have one biscuit or one chocolate bar I seem to get the taste for it lol.

    Hopefully I can learn to keep it under control.

    Thanks Alyson

  • Yes you will :) I still have the odd slip up but its definitely manageable!

  • Cheese and onion crisps and chocolate my downfall. I have had no crisps in the past 7 weeks and last night had a Lindt chocolate worked out the calories 58, YES THAT MUCH! and added them onto my allowance. I now trust myself not to eat the whole box and boy did that 1 chocolate last me. It's ok for treats now and then you just have to put the brakes on and just have a small amount which I think the 12 week calorie counting plan teaches you because at 58 calories I wasn't having another. Life has to be worth living and let's face it we are working hard so a little treat now and again makes you feel good. Hope you cope ok on your journey and your husband too. 😊

  • I gave up chocolate in April when I started here as I am a whole bar person (or 2) as well. After 3 weeks I lost all cravings and can now walk past the chocolate displays without averting my eyes. For me, however, I know that 1 square would still lead to a glut so I don't intend to start again even when I am down to goal weight.

  • I remember when my husband was first diagnosed diabetic. One day in a tea shop we were offered cake and I said very earnestly "Oh dear no. We can't have that because my husband is diabetic!" The waitress looked a little bemused.

  • I can now go into a petrol shop without coming out with a kit Kat ( or 4 for a Β£1, rude not to) πŸ˜‚

    A lot is how your mind works & if I can control cravings then think I'll get there, got about 5 stone to loose husband bit more.

    Really like the support on this group


  • That's an excellent achievement 😊 I don't actually have a terribly sweet tooth but there is something about chocolate that I just cannot have one piece and leave it alone πŸ˜• So like you, prefer not to have any 😊 I do find having enough to eat earlier in the day reduced (if not eliminates) afternoon and evening sugar cravings 😊 Very well done.

  • A chocolate habit is hard to lose; for some of us it works better than alcohol for a short term lift, but causes long term misery! I still don't think I could have an opened box of chocolate nearby and only have one chocolate a day without great effort! I would rather give the unopened box away - you only need a little argument or bad hair day and that's it, you've scoffed the lot!

  • So nice to talk to like minded people. Hubby likes his wine , I don't drink at all as it doesn't float my boat...... But show me a box of malteasers πŸ˜‚

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