Back in the game

After a dreadful two weeks spent mostly in bed today I have been mostly pain free 😊 However, on top of a holiday weight gain, these two weeks have led to further weight gain. πŸ˜• It is quite scary how fast it goes back on 😞

As my exercise options are still limited and after the recent post by LessToLose about the importance of BMR I have reduced my calories to reflect this. Also, rather than feeling sorry for myself, I have adjusted my exercise targets. 😊

So, today I have managed a 20

minute gentle exercise/stretch/yoga session and two short walks of about 1 1/2 km. I have also stayed well within my calorie allowance. And I still have some left for a 9pm snack. So, back in the game! Onwards and downwards 😊


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  • There are always ups and downs - thanks for honest sharing. Glad youre feeling better. Keep going for it.

  • That sounds very organised, well done!

  • Well done Anna61 you'll soon have it all under control once again πŸ˜€ onwards and downwards!!

  • So pleased you are feeling a bit better, walking is really good exercise but you are right to build up slowly. I found lesstolose's post really interesting too. Enjoy your snack!

  • Hi Anna61. Sorry to hear you have been poorly but glad you feeling better today. Its hard to keep on track when you are not able to exercise. Well done for keeping within your calorie allowance today and for managing some exercise. Glad to hear you back in the game! :)

  • That is amazing, Anna - well done on doing so much, I hope your back is OK.

    I must mention, though, that I hadn't intended for my post to make anyone reduce their calories too drastically, especially if they are starting out and have a way to go.

    See how your body feels and if you feel too hungry and at all unwell, then increase back up again!

  • thznk you 😊 I've gone from being quite active, (cycling/swimming/fast walking) to being unable to do very much at all, so I've hopefully got the balance right 😊 Time will tell

  • I think you are amazing, Anna - fingers crossed you have the balance right and have a successful result!

  • Thank you 😊 It's all the inspiring stories like yours that keeps me positive ❀️

  • Sorry to hear you have been poorly and just when you were getting on so well too. Still, this healthy eating habit is a way of life now isn't it, so hopefully you will be back in action and losing lbs again pretty soon. At least you have had the Tennis to watch while you have been laid up. Take care now, no sewing in a cold draught! 😊

  • Well done Anna61 you're doing great. Hope you're even more better tomorrow ❀️

  • Well done Anna 61 pleased to hear your feeling better :)

  • Oh well done for recognising the problem and finding a solution. I am sure the gains will vanish quickly given your speedy action. So glad you are feeling a little better too. Life is miserable when we can't even sit or lie comfortably. I bet your walks outside have really cheered you up.

  • Thank you, 😊 lying ok, and standing and walking, but not sitting 😞 Lovely to live somewhere so pretty (north east Scotland) and have walks from the house 😊 Feeling better for just eating better last few days 😊

  • Nothing quite as wonderful as that first day of almost back to normal. Unless it's how much better the house feels for a little TLC.

  • Hi Anna 61,

    Well done , little by little.

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