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Help please

Hi Everyone,

My trainer asked for the last 2 week meal plan, why I eat the way I do big breakfast, small lunch big tea and supper. List of foods I can't eat (being gluten free and lactose free) and anything else that would be important to him checking my nutrition and suggesting improvements.

Always had big breakfast (40g porridge oats, berries and lactose free milk is now) after walking 7,000 steps with my dog.

Small lunch never had time for lunch so grab something has I go.

Big tea well is that not normal

Supper well my cravings are horrid at night.

Don't have sugar unless in food never add to cereal or brews, never have fruit juice or squash.

Need variety of food especially meat.

Doing this for my last push to get body fat down another 3%, help my muscles more strenght training, get rid of the tummy last to go.

Today he says these are does

All meat to be white meat

Breakfast scrambled eggs 2 nothing else

Carbs 100g a day (under what we are suppose to eat)

Up protein

Down fat %

Fish for lunch

Greek yogurt 1 tablespoon when I get up, 2hrs after eating a meal

Wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice



Fruit of any kind

Red meat


Told him no I can't eat bread, pasta due to gluten free can only eat porridge oats. So my carbs woukd come only from veg that alot of veg. Fruit is my fibre. Meat would bore me need variety. Scrambled egg I would be hitting the cupboards in 30mins.

So if I can't have fruit anyone have ideas to keep hands busy at night, how to get my sugar intake, fibre other than veg. With my oats and veg carbs gone yet still have 365 cals left.

Help thanks. Sorry for long message.

Good luck


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Hello Gottodothis

We each have our own motivations but to me your existing diet looks healthy and balanced, and you have done so well at losing weight, i wonder why you feel you need such a radical change? Couldn't you perhaps just reduce carbohydrate portions rather than give up completely? If you need to increase protein msybe eggs at lunchtime?

I'm sure you will get more advice on here but the diet your trainer has suggested would kill me!!! Lol 😂

Good luck 😊


Ditch the trainer? You told him you want gluten free and he tells you to eat wholemeal bread and pasta! I for one, couldn't stick to what he has suggested.


I agree, it sounds like your trainer has copied a generic plan rather than treating you as an individual with specific needs.

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Oh my goodness Gottodothis sounds like your trainer is priming you to be the next gold winning Olympic athlete.

Your existing diet is obviously working for you and you've had good results. It is also something you can stick to for life.

I'm sorry but his meal plan is totally unrealistic. He obviously knows his job but maybe its not for you 😃

Also if your gluten intolerant then why has he recommended wholewheat pasta/bread etc. Obviously not listened to you and your needs.

Claire x


You are a woman right? Your body fat percent should not be as low as 3 percent! That is simply not healty, even for young men that would be extremely low bodyfatcharts.com/

Quinoa and potatoes are carbs without gluten.

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Oh sorry, I misread your post - you said down another 3 percent, not down to 3 percent. Sorry!


I like the body fat charts , it looks realistic , I hVe seen some that appear a little harsh . It's good to be average 😀


120g carbs, 120g protein and 27g fat a day. Well the carbs is under the reccommended allowance anyway.


I agree with Caz, your trainer does not sound as though he knows much about nutrition!

Going very low carb might be worth trying if you were very overweight or pre-dIabetic, but if you aren't, there shouldn't be any need. Going very low carb can be a disaster for some people, as it may affect thyroid function.

Why is he telling you to eat wholemeal bread and Greek yoghurt if you can't tolerate gluten or lactose? Our bodies need some fat in our diet to make sure it works properly and that we can absorb fat soluble vitamins. The same with red meat, we need the iron in it to keep our bodies healthy.

Perhaps try buckwheat, millet or quinoa if you haven't already, as a change from oats. You could add beans/legumes into you diet to increase fibre. Try some nuts if you need a snack, they are also a source of fibre.

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