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My friend and I are on this weight loss together. We are going to weigh together each week and every week we lose we each put £1 into a money box and if we don't lose £2 will go in. We will halve the contents at the end of this journey and I should have a decent amount to go towards an outfit for my grandson's wedding next year. We are both using a spreadsheet chart to record, in visual form, our losses. I also have the nhs 12 week plan stuck to the fridge so everyone can see my efforts.

I am going to try and do some gentle exercise but have to be careful as I have a bad knee but I am hoping weight loss will help it to recover from its injury. I have a Morrisons supermarket a mile away so a walk over there, a cup of tea in the cafe, then a walk back should be enough to start with.

Anyway, they are the plans - whether it works out that way remains to be seen!

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Hi Jayne,

This sounds like an excellent plan. Good luck! :-)

Lowcal :-)


Brilliant idea especially having a f I end to work alongside you. I am putting 1lbs lost in weight into a jar ( £1 ) coins I have started with 63 coins in one jar and slowly if I loose at weigh ins moving them over to my loss jar like you I will treat myself if I manage to get rid of all 63 lbs in weight my £63 in money will buy me something nice. I think once you start the 1 mile trip to Morrisons it will feel shorter as the journeys progress. Good luck but I think you have lots of motivation there.🏃🏃🏃🏃


Hi and welcome! It's great you've got a friend to share the weight loss journey, but is it just me, or are you rewarding yourselves more for NOT losing weight? The money for the new outfit will build up quicker if you don't lose? Doing spreadsheets is great you can convert it into graphs and charts so you can see your process, I love visuals! Here is a link to mine healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Wish you both luck 😊


Thanks for that Caz28 - good point well made. Perhaps I haven't thought this through properly! But seriously, I don't think I would allow myself to think that way, the graphs will keep me on track, I don't want any upward lines! And although it is not a competition it's going to help both me and my friend to keep each other motivated. I've had a look at your chart and mine is very similar but the background starts off red at the top and gradually changes colour til it gets to blue at the bottom to represent the bad (now) and the good (when I'm at goal). Every little helps! (I do wish Tesco hadn't hijacked that saying)


That is such a great idea - really motivational! :) Good luck! x

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There is nothing like the thought of all those family photos that will be taken at that wedding to keep you on the straight and narrow...! I have my son's wedding next year when I will meet his new bride's family and hope to make a good impression too!

Keep a note of what you eat if you can - the days I forget to keep track of my calories, I find they start to creep back up! These life-time habits are hard to change, but we can do it, especially if you have your friend in competition with you!


Thanks for your support DartmoorDumpling. I was really pleased with myself today. I had ordered a buffet for lunch at work as we had visitors. I had one triangle of egg sandwich and a samosa then filled my plate with all the salad decoration. Then I had strawberries without the cream. If that had been a month ago I would have hoovered up everything!

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