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What's your motivation?

Hi everyone,

I just wanted an insight to what people's motivation was and what kept them going when they start to lose it.

I have a few that I'm hoping will pull me to my goal

- I've currently committed to buying all size 14 clothes for my holiday, I will not be buying any larger, so I will HAVE to fit in to them by October, otherwise I'll have nothing to wear when I'm away. (This is along with a few size 14 pieces I've had for a couple of years, that I've promised every year that I would lose weight to get in to)

- Of course I'd love to actually feel confident in posting holiday pictures on social media! More so because the friend I'm going with and will be in the pictures with is a size 10 (the last holiday I looked even bigger because she, along with my other friend (size 6...) are much slimmer, safe to say, that pool side picture got swiftly deleted.

- As I've recently split with a partner (after the weight I have was actually gained during the relationship) I want to lose the weight I kept moaning about to him. Prove him wrong basically, and who doesn't want to look even hotter when they next bump in to their ex?

- I also have my sister as competition, she's a size 20 (I'm stuck between 16 and 18). She's apparently been trying to lose weight, so I've made an internal competition to beat her!

Obviously most importantly, I want to do it for myself, to feel more confident and fitter (so I can take those stairs and not die at the top!), get some self confidence back and squash some insecurities along the way.

I find it horrible how something like weight can really have such an impact on the way you see yourself and in return the way you think other people see you!

But there's no point in stuffing your face with cake and wondering why you're going up a clothes size! Time for me to get up and do something about it, sure people are getting fed up of me moaning and nothing happening!

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Hi Brocollibunnies,

You've certainly listed quite a few things that are motivating you currently, and I'd like to wish you success in attaining your weight loss goals.

My own motivators are mainly health and fitness - those are my main concerns, and they are what keep me going.

Wishing you a really great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Wow, you have some excellent motivators in that list, and now they have been written down, you will feel even more strongly your decision to step into the driving seat and take control! Have you made a plan of action? Best of luck to you, and to your sister...


Lots there to reflect on and keep you motivated. I am doing this to get fit and healthy again following an illness, and my motivation is a pair of white jeans that USED to fit me which I have washed, ironed and face me every time I open my wardrobe door! Good luck to you and your sister.


hi broccolibunnies, love your name! i dont buy smaller clothes as that has never helped me. a chubby pic of me did not help me either. and as far as my hubby staying with me after i gained all this weight, well it would be his loss to leave and not mine. no, the reason i am losing weight is because i tried on a shirt i havent been able to wear for about 3 months and now it fits. i want to feel better, i am tired of feeling bloated and lazy and tired. i want my knees to stop hurting and my arches to stop falling. i want to feel good about myself even more than i do now. i have learned to live with myself and as soon as i did, i decided to lose weight. i feel great when i get on the scales and i have lost a pound or even if i have gained one, i dont feel bad about myself, just that i will try a little harder the next day. i think i finally grew up about my attitude about my body image and now, well, it is as healthy as i want my body to be.


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