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Hi folks,

I was looking for your opinions when logging foods on MyFitnessPal. Do you weigh and count all of your fruit and vegetables as part of your daily calorie intake ?

I know that plans have different approaches. When I did Scottish Slimmers for instance all veg was free and I could have the equivalent of 100 calories of fruit per day for free. I'm logging everything at the moment and around 800 of my 2000 calories are made up of fruit and veg with no freebies. I'd be interested to hear what other folks do.



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7 Replies

  • Hi Kenny,

    I personally count everything - anything that passes my lips in the food or drink line - fruit, veg, gains, pulses, sauces, drizzles of anything (balsamic vinegar etc) - I include it all.

    Lowcal :-)

  • yep i count all fruit and veg, as there can be alot of calories in some fruit! I count everything i put in my body :)

  • Hi Kenny, nothing 'free' I'm afraid when counting calories! I count absolutely everything that goes in my mouth except plain water!

  • Cool, yeah that seems to be the best way of doing it and is what I've been doing. Cheers.

  • The only thing that is free is water. I don't log that. Everything else must be weighed and accounted for!

  • I log the lot, but have had to make the effort to not cut down on healthier things (like veg) in order to have unhealthy things with the calories instead (like alcohol or doughnuts!). I try to aim for my 5 portions a day - mainly veg to be honest as it fills me up nicely - and not cut that in order to allow those calories elsewhere. I don't always manage it though, but I do try ;) !!

    One thing that has really helped me with calorie counting is planning as much as possible in advance (sometimes days in advance when I order my shopping, sometimes the night before), and putting all my intended foods into MFP for the day ahead - including any 'treats' or 'snacks' that I think I might want. This also includes the 5-a-day aim. Then I can make sure I don't accidentally overindulge through the day and end up going over when I have dinner. I can adjust it through the day if I need to (for example if I don't feel hungry enough for the mid-morning snack I factored in, or if I really need an extra cup of coffee at work!), and I always try to leave the plan with 50-100cal left in case of 'emergencies'.

    Good luck :)

  • I do log my plain water consumption also, just to make sure I drink enough. Logging fruit is important to me because the sugar numbers can climb up very quickly. Some days I'm way below my calories but over my sugar goal because of fruit, veg and yogurt.

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