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Patience being tested

I have been following a healthy regime for over a year now although only recently upped my exercise levels. I am active almost everyday either swimming or at the gym. I also do yoga and meditation daily. I follow a 1500cal diet with no grains, processed foods. I include healthy fats and lean proteins. Water intake much better recently. I don't drink. No sugar or carb cravings for a long time.

My frustration is that my weight doesn't shift! I have 8st to lose so it is more than a little worrying. I have played around with different macro percentages but no change.

I am almost off my anti depressants as I wondered if that might be holding things up.

I take thyroxine but my doc says my levels are just fine.

I am relaxed about this but I want to find out why I can't lose weight.

I feel so much better in general which is fab so it's not all bad 😊

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Well done on all the positive steps to a healthy life, healthy diet, sugar and carb reduction, drinking water, and plenty of exercise. If your weight isn't coming down could it be you need to tweak portion sizes? I was in a similar position, and this worked for me 😊 I reduced portion size, just slightly, and had to bulk up with salad and veg but soon got used It, and the weight has come down, 😊

Good luck

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