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Finally have a pedometer :)

Today was the annual raft race down the river so seeing as I was meeting some friends there today and would be early I decided to go for a swim before hand. Its a shame I cant go swimming more often because I really do enjoy it.

After that had a wander around all the stalls and shops and saw some pedometers for sale in sports direct and decided to get one so I can now take part in the challenges posted on here with my steps walked. I started using it at 4.30 and have now walked 7000 steps! It will be interesting to see how much I walk in a normal day.

I feel sorry for the tesco raft made from trolleys and baskets who got stuck under the same bridge for 20 minutes, even attempting to swim it along until they finally gave up and came last. Full marks for effort though.

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Hi AuraShadows I live near to a place called Matlock in Derbyshire and every Boxing Day there Is a raft race in aid of the RNLI, come rain, shine or snow it is never cancelled lots of money is raised but it is so cold sometimes you feel really sorry for the ones taking part. Glad you had a fab day it is lovely this time of year with all the carnivals etc. I am quite obsessive watching my daily steps ow.🏃🏃🏃


Sounds like you had a lovely day. You can come and join us on the kilometre zero challenge now 😊


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