Early morning thoughts

Morning,. Awake at 6.25am as last nights crisps n dips have kicked off my reflux!! Just thinkn that I have completely lost my way on this diet....not been on here for months.....hardly been lately at my expensive gym (tied in till Dec) and Im probably couple pounds heavier than I was few months ago!!!! I have been doing some walking but need increase, need get my ass back to gym or class's and I need to be able to resist crisps and chocolate!!! Im 50 now and also fightn hormonal bloat!!! I need to get back in control!!! Im hoping reading your posts on here will keep me motivated!!!


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  • Hi nanashon, I keep checking in to this group to keep me motivated through out the day. Just knowing that there are other ladies and gents out there working really hard at achieving their dream makes me want to do the same. You can do it!

  • Thanks!! Yup your right....it does help!!

  • I can empathise completely nanashon, I've had a particularly trying week and am struggling to get my act together, but I wholeheartedly agree with Sharonalex, being involved on the forum and seeking strength and motivation from other members in the same boat, is definitely the way to go :)

    Consider joining the re-boot challenge, as a way of getting you re-focused and with extra support


    Join the Kilometre Zero challenge for motivation to get moving


    Come along to the monday group weigh-in.

    Join the new Autumn Equinox challenge


    All of these things will keep you accountable and motivated.

    You can do this and we can help! :)

  • Thanks moreless. Im gonna make a cuppa and then have a good look at your links!!! Im away for a few days in three weeks time and want to feel a little better!!!!

  • Snap again! I go on holiday 3 weeks today and really want to have made more improvements by then! We'll do it together! :)

  • Im feeln so motivated already!! Thanks!!! And yup in three weeks we will feel better!!!! Im going to join the Autumn Challenge...this would take me to my next birthday!! Sounds like fate lol!!

  • Woohoo, that's perfect! Onwards and downwards! :)

  • Don't give up. You obviously don't want to otherwise you wouldn't have turned to this page. I am 50 also and just joined, it seems so unfair that I have to diet at a time in my life when I think I should be enjoying and indulging, so I understand your reluctance but you have come this far you may as well Finnish the journey. Take the step back in the gym and rekindle the feeling of satisfaction. Good luck!!

  • Thanks Dizie...yup its hard and I just seem to yoyo ....up two down two!!!! I blame my age but although it does make it harder its an excuse!!!! The jeans are gettn tighter so Im gonna get focused, thanks!!

  • I know exactly what you are going through. I'm in the same place up 2 down 2. So annoying. I had tailed off with the exercise as was fed up but made myself get back on track this week. 3 sessions at spinning and 3x 30 min runs . The exercise is so good for the mood I feel so better after it. So push yourself to do it

  • Thanks greeny, it does get so easy to get fed up..but yup we can get back on this!! You have had a good week with your exercise!! Im going to try harder!!

  • It's getting out of the house that's hardest

  • Yup its easy to plan the exercise then hard to do it

  • Morning Nanashon. I'm 51 and certainly recognise the hormonal bloating you mention. This was enough to kick start me into action. I felt really big, very bloated and hated the thought that this feeling could be forever!! I'm taking it one day at a time. After four weeks on this programme, I find I'm thinking more about what I eat, making better choices - even when out for meals which we do often - and feeling healthier. You're certainly not alone.

  • Hey Dilemma,

    Oh its just terrible isnt it!! This week its so bad and It makes me feel yuk!! I feel the age thing is stopping me losing weight but I know its rubbish! I know if I focus it can still be done..haha well I hope so anyway!!!

    Thats good you are gettn all this info from the site!! Im 51 in September and Im thinkn this Autumn Equinox challenge sounds good!!

  • Hi Nanashon

    It's because of my age which also inspires me. If I kept doing what I was doing, I wouldn't get anywhere. If I know I have an event coming up, I try and cut back during the week so I'm able to enjoy the occasion and not over do it. What is life without treats? I'm more 'mindful' should I say! I'm sure we all have days when we over do it, but tomorrow is another day to begin again.

  • Oh I agree...treats are needed!!!! And yup Monday Im on it!! I have been a nice long walk but did eat chocolate fingers this afternoon!

  • Do you take anything for reflux? It can be dangerous untreated.

    Don't try to cut out anything it makes it worse. If you're a choice fiend why not try keeping children's choc bars in as they are a lot smaller and lower in calories. Then you can have a little to make yourself feel better but you only have to sacrifice a small amount of daily intake :) x

  • Hi upsydaisy,

    I have had meds before for it but it only flares up when Ive ate chocolate pr crisps at nignt!! I have had some gaviscon but have some prescribed meds left so might take them for a couple days!

    Good idea about the childrens choc bars...however I may be better havn none cos I wouldnt stop at one!! Lol

  • nanashon have you thought about doing the C25K? The structure of the course might help you keep focussed on getting fit and you have the benefit of getting support from two groups!

  • Thanks this is a good idea!! I started it with a friend last year but gave up!! Will think about this thanks

  • If its any consolation, once the hormone ups and downs have settled down, you might even find it easier to lose weight as you will lose those monthly cravings. I am 61 and have successfully lost 2 1/2 stone since January - mainly by using an online calorie counter, eating mostly what I normally eat, but cutting down on fat, sugar, carbs and alcohol - but not cutting out anything, if I really fancy it! Exercise has been mostly walking, climbing stairs and house-cleaning, but have recently started horse-riding again, now I can manage to get on and off! Age is just a number!

  • Well done you DD!!! Thats a fab lost and your doing great!!!!! Age is just a number!!! Thanks

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