Losing weight and losing the battle

Hello everybody like moste people I fined it hard to loss weight I youse to be in the army and fitness was second nature to me but I left in 2006 years on and with working nights I feel as tho am geting bigger and bigger my get up and go has got up and gon am a care assistant and finding it hard to balance my diet and fitness if any one could help me I would be gratefull sorry forthe spellin mistakes and


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  • Hi stuck in the same boat . I do believe you can do it . Just make small changes that you can stick to before you tackle those big ones. Remember it just takes time good luck 😀😀

  • Thank you for your reply and think your right small changes would help just some times when life seems really hard you struggle and in my case I tern to food and sleep been told its bad for me am just scared that one day am going to wake up and end up having a hart attack I no whot your probly thinking then even more reson to start with thes changes I will give. It a go once a gain thank you for your reply

  • Hi I know how you feel it should turn you to healthy lifestyle . But instead it makes you reach for a cream cake and duvet. Look I am doing it one day at time trust me it is not easy but yesterday I had my tooth out . This is amazing because I was to fat for annisect but yesterday I could result😀🎉

  • I would love to team up with you and we could go for walking am and pm.

  • Hello, have you had a look at the nhs 12 week plan? nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss...

    Try the quiz on the page and also check your BMI. Also, try using an ap like myfitnesspal to help you count your calories.

    If you are new to this site I think one of the fab 4 will get in touch to let you know about the weigh in and the various challenges.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum!

  • Hi. I am 61 and have been overweight a lot of years in my life, there have also been times when I have mastered the diet and shed lbs (and a couple of stones). However I am feeling it is getting harder all the time and over the last 10 years have lost very little. Lose a couple during the week and put it on at the weekend.

    I have mostly done low fat diets and recently the news has been that these just don't work and I am becoming to believe this.

    Last Tuesday I started Dr. Michael Moseley's blood sugar diet. Basically it cuts carbs from your diet as carbs turn to sugar. There are many hidden sugars in the foods we buy and in particular low fat items as the fat that is taken out is replaced with sugar. From Tuesday to Saturday I lost 4lbs. I feel I have a lot more energy and am not hungry particularly when I get up in a morning and I find 2 meals a day is plenty.

    I haven't followed it to the letter as I have only just got his book but I cut out all the major forms of carb, Potatoes, Pasta, Rice etc and have even had some high fat items like olive oil, butter and cream .......not gone mad with them but these help to keep you satisfied.

    I urge all of you to look at this WOE and stop punishing yourselves as I have done over the years. The diabetes rates in folk are sky high and too much sugar is the reasons.

    Just google it and see for yourselves. It's different to what we have done previously so don't just dismiss it.....give it a go.


  • Great post. I did the same thing and lost a stone and a half that I just couldn't seem to shift. Well done on your loss. We're proof this works. I also did Mr Moseley's intermittent fasting 5:2 :-)

  • Agree the blood sugar diet book is really motivating and helps understand why cut carbs and not just lose weight fast but also not feel so hungry and reduce sugar cravings. I have lost four pounds in a week as well and seven pounds in total when other diets not working. Found planning what I eat all week and buying lots of different veg and cooking with different sauces makes my food so tasty and loads of variety. So not about starving or munching on celery sticks.

  • Well done jano. That's very encouraging. I have downloaded the book mentioned. Haven't tried it yet but am going to do low carb as I'm stuck in a rut for the past month

  • There is a facebook page where you can pick up ideas, hints, tips and other ifo. I have found it very helpful.

  • Don't apologise for spelling I understand exactly what you're saying. It's daft but when I come home really tired I don't want to exercise if I force myself to go out for a run U feel great after and it gives you more energy why is that ? Then I think if I am taking trouble to run and start being a healthier size why keep eating unhealthy food or eating too much? It's the booze that was piling it on for me though and I am not drinking now. Good luck remember you are doing it for you not against you. I keep saying I need to take control. I was really swearing at myself when I was pushing myself hard out on the bike last week. I am having to rest up though as I've back and knee pain but I will get back there. I am starting to fit into my trousers I couldn't wear as I had put so much on Very best of luck X

  • Remember losing weight takes time. Sadly many give up if they haven't lost in a couple of weeks and weight goes up and down. Try and fill half of your plate with veggies, try and cut out or down on sugar - it's in lots of things and if possible make your meals from scratch. Please for example, tell us what you had to eat yesterday :-)

  • Hello,

    I think it must be harder to lose weight and have a regular diet routine when you work nights and/or shifts, so I do sympathise.

    I've not been in that position myself, although when stressed (quite often!) I can't sleep and then I do find my eating increases and I consumer more rubbishy food late at night.

    One suggestion I've got, though, is if you are a regular night worker, can you treat the night as your day time and vice versa - so you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner overnight, and then don't eat during the day?

    The "compressed eating" idea might work for you as well - set yourself a 10-hour period when you will eat your 3 meals (and this could cover the night time period) and then just don't let yourself eat outside that period. I'm trying this myself at the moment. I only eat between 9am and 7pm every day, and I must say I feel better for it, and it has helped my weight to go down as well, after a long period of being stuck at a stone overweight. You could eat between 9pm and 7am. It might work for you!

    Of course will power and self-discipline is still required, but I think if you start to see the weight do down, it does feed your will-power for the future, as you start to see the benefits of your hard work.

    Best of luck!

  • Try and do five minute exercises three to five times in between your care work. Look on u tube for dead easy beginners exercises to get you going. Can you do them in between jobs? Found cutting out carbs and eating stir fry some and lean protein like chicken or fish helping me lose weight and stay full. The less sugar I eat then find the cravings for sugar are going down over last few weeks. Keep trying different ways and tell us what worked for you and why.

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