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Not sure which challenge it was

Hi Everyone,

There are so many challenges at the moment I have forgotten which one this belongs too haha.

Today I cleared my wardrobe, tried loads of stuff on things to big charity, some I had ties so could just about keep them up, others looked even better (dresses with netting underneath) vut most importantly the outfit I got married in 21yrs ago in August, the jacket fitted perfect but the skirt was a tad small could only breath back then but today tried it in and it fitted perfectly and yes I coukd even breath.

That was the challenge to get into my outfit. Yay coukd not wait to tell everyone.

Part of my success ( upto now still away to go) is due the help and support I get from people on this forum/blog what ever you call it. So a great big THANK YOU.

Good luck


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Hi Wendy,

This is the Challenge you're referring to:


Many Congratulations on achieving your aim - that is sooooo brilliant!!!

Lowcal :-)


yay!! get you.... thats amazing :) this group really is a good un. xxx well done on your progress xxx

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Congratulations on getting into your wedding outfit bet you felt a million dollars! Well done 👍😊


Wow!! Well done you 😊 How pleased you must be feeling! Very happy for you


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