Body shape changing?

I have cut back on the amount of crap i eat, even though I did have a little hiccup at the weekend, and have been walking more. I have noticed my shape changing but the scales havent changed?

Is this even possible or is i just my mind playing tricks on me lol? Can you shape change but weight not change?

I dunno, just wondering whether I have gone loopy and i am seeing things ha ha

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  • It's absolutely possible Bethany, that's why we advocate taking measurements at the start of your journey, so that you can compare and see change when the numbers on the scales are static :)

    If you haven't already done it, go and get that tape measure now and while I think about it, take some before pictures too! :)

  • Have taken photos the other week but still need to measure myself! Didn't think it was possible thought I was losing the plot ha ha! Glad to know I'm not lol

  • It is very possible, sometimes you change shape then all of a sudden the weight comes off, keep going! x

  • Its definitely possible! I've discovered the body does weird things as you loose weight. For a few months I lost weight one one side of my body and not the other side. That was weird. I felt completely lop sided and looking in the mirror was bizarre! Back to normal now however my right leg is about an inch and a half smaller than my left still 😂

  • I was just thinking today one thigh is looking a bit smaller and has a slightly different shape than the other one! We're silly aren't we, overanalysing a bit maybe, it all evens out in the end. But it's good when you can SEE the changes. If you didn't take measurements, then how about trying on some of the larger clothes you used to wear? I didn't take all my measurements at the start, just my waist, but by comparing a skirt that used to be skin tight round my hips I got an idea that way.

  • Certainly can. I slimmed down a lot over two years without loosing a pound, let alone a kilo!

  • Oh yes!! I havent lost anythin yet but I can see that I have moved on to the next belt hole for the first time in ages!!. This week have moved on to the next one!! Hoping to see a change in the scales on Monday. Im not too fussed as I know my shape has improved and my face even looks a bit smaller ;)

  • Ooh definitely. Please get out the tape measure and measure your bust, waist, hips, thighs, upper arm and anything else except the dog :D :D

    I never used to bother with measurements. It is such a boost for your motivation when the scales are not as giving as you hoped!!

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