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Just started today

Hi everyone

Thanks for letting me join you as I start my weight loss programme. I am currently 12 stone 4 lbs and want to lose 3 stone. I have yo yo'd through weight watchers and failed so would welcome any support, tips and occasional boot up the ... I went to buy new clothes yesterday and looking at myself in the mirror in the changing room was disgusted with myself. I have lost my selfesteem and comfort eat - you know the cycle. So any help is gratefully received

Many thanks


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Welcome 'Notsoslimnow'! You will find plenty of support on here, it's great to read everyones stories and I'm sure you'll find people who have experienced the same struggles as you.

I'm the same weight as you and looking to loose 1 and a half stone to be at a good bmi. Have you checked your BMI? That's a good place to start and a goal to work towards.

I've never liked weight watchers I think the points system distances you from what you're eating. With the NHS plan you get to learn what foods are great for your body, lots of fresh fruit and loads of vegtables and pulses full of fibre is a great way to start.

Good luck with your journey, you'll do great if you put your mind to it!


Hi and welcome Notsoslimnow :)

We've all been there! Slimming clubs, changing rooms and comfort eating! Not to worry, you're here now and everything's about to change :)

Take a look at the pinned posts section to the top right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a phone) and starting with our welcome newbie thread, read through all the information and challenges that are on offer.

Consider joining our monday group weigh-in, which is non-judgemental and supportive and helps to keep us accountable. The latest thread can be found in the events section, beneath the pinned posts section, on the home page.

Be active on the forum, as that's where we get to know each other and where all the latest information, inspiration and motivation can be found.

Wishing you all the very best as you start your journey to health and happiness :)


Hi Moreless

I have tried to log on to the weight losspage but failed. Any way todays weightis 12 st 3 lbs! Lost a pound since Friday so going in the right direction

Good luck to every one


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Oh no Notsoslimnow! I'm so sorry you're having trouble getting into the weight-loss thread! I'm going to copy and paste you and see if that helps :)



I think many of us can empathise with how you feel, but you have made the first step towards gaining control 😊 And I agree about making the connection between calories in and weight loss.

Finding the right eating plan is a vital component, I follow a generous plan that includes all my favourites so I will hopefully follow it for life, almost 11 months now in control, fitter and healthier and enjoying my new lifestyle. Still have weight to lose but I deliberately don't focus on the numbers, but on inches, my fitness and how my clothes look. 😊

Good luck!


I am the same sort of weight as you 11 st 12lbs and also need to lose 3 stone according to the BMI chart and feel that it is a huge mountain to shift! However people are being very encouraging and I think that this will help with keeping focus and motivation. We can and will do this!!


Hi! I'm a very similar weight to you (yoyoing forever around 12st1-12st5) I would like to lose 1.5 stone, but I am struggling to stick with it! I've just started using this site too so hoping it will help keep me on track! Find the Monday weight in on Monday and get involved :) x


Thanks Bemma. I am all ready for my weigh in tomorrow and have a fridge full of healthy options. Good luck and hope you do well



Welcome! I have recently regained the weight I had lost so I am in a similar position. I'm slowly getting back into healthy eating and recently started doing the NHS couch to 5k podcast. I'll get there and so will you!


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