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Early morning motivational fix

Tending to log on to my e-mails first thing in the morning to try and feel motivated from the posts, before work and the day kicks in.!

Not feeling it since my holiday, sort of hungry all the time, on the plus side eating more protein, that has helped in a way.!

Keeping the momentum going in terms of diet and feeling good about oneself is a struggle. Basically I feel like a sack of potatoes, only myself to blame and I need to find the me pre holiday when I was rocking.....Where has she gone?

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I read somewhere that positivity is helped by remembering past successes, focusing on how that felt, and repeatedly telling ourselves that we can do it 😊 You obviously can lose weight because you have done it before, so try to concentrate on that, think how you felt before you started, and try to learn from it 😊

Very good luck best wishes

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I do just the same. Read all the posts over breakfast. (Muesli). Very motivational to share the triumphs and also sympathise with the struggles. I do not do the Monday weigh-in because I weigh at Weightwatchers on Wednesday. I check at home too of course and have been a few pounds under 12 for about a month (before breakfast and before getting dressed). But HUZZA this week the WW scales also showed I was a snidge into the elevens! Da Dee. Da Dah. Good wishes to all.


good idea!!


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