Disappointed in myslef

Well my first week started off so well. I only had 1 packet of crisps in the first 5 days! But over the weekend it went to pot... The drinking was bad enough but Saturday I kept picking at crap. Resulting in me weighing the same this week. So disappointed in myself.

I did start and notice my stomach wasn't as big although the scales hadn't moved, it was nice to see my stomach going down a little. Why did I go and ruin it!!

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  • You've ruined nothing Bethany! You've maintained, which is much better than gaining and you've learned a very valuable lesson :)

    You now know that the weekends are danger times for you, so you can plan ahead. You can save some of your calories, to allow for extras, you can be aware than drinking gives you the munchies, you can have healthy snacks ready and waiting, you can remove unhealthy snacks from temptation :)

    This is what our journeys are all about, discovering our weaknesses and discovering ways to strengthen our resolve and counteract them :)

    Put this tiny blip behind you and carry on. You can do this Bethany! :)

  • moreless said it all. You didn't ruin anything. Consider it a learning opportunity!

    And apropos the healthy snacks that can take away a craving for crisps after an evening of drinking - try these spicy baked chickpeas dailyburn.com/life/recipes/... really yummy (but they do have quite a few calories in them, so don't eat too many unless you let them substitute a meal).

    Or how about homemade popcorn with lots of fibre, Plus, it's really easy to make!

    20g of popping corn: 62kcal, 3g (1 teaspoon) of oil: 27kcal. I sprinkle with chilli powder and salt.

  • It takes a few weeks to get into the swing of things so no problem if you have a few blips en route. In fact it makes you more determined to succeed! Good luck and carry on!

  • Hi Bethanyl1996,

    Try to put the events of the weekend behind you - weekends can be notoriously challenging and the great thing for you is you've maintained your weight, which is so much better than gaining! So well done! Hopefully next weekend you will cope better, and I can see you've had some great suggestions in your replies. I am considering making the spicy chickpea snacks that IbenCopenhagen suggested - it looks like a delicious recipe!

    Lowcal :-)

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