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Apparently Exercise Bikes Arnt Just Washing Lines

Hi! After reading stories on Healthunlocked I have been inspired to begin my own journey to improve my currently non exsistent fitness.

I stumbled apon a GCN indoor bike workout on youtube and decided to give it a go.Normally when I actually used my indoor bike I got bored within 10 minutes and wanted it to all be over and done with. Turns out this 30 minute HIT session is actually really fun and the time flew by. I think intervals must have made it more interesting than aimlessly biking at the same pace for 30 minutes if I managed that long.

So I had to do this:

5 min warm up

2 x 30 sec sprint, 3 min normal

1 x 30 sec sprint, 2.5 min normal

2 x 30 sec sprint, 2 min normal

3 x 30 sec sprint, 1.5 min normal

6 min cooI down

Im so happy I managed all the sprints without stopping (apart from my foot flying off the pedal as they dont have straps) and am now exhausted. Hopefully in a month or two I can do it at a harder resistance but for now this is hard enough! Apparently cycled 17.25km too!

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That sounds like a good exercise session! You will have burned off a good few calories no doubt. Once you are all trained up on the indoor bike, you can plan some outdoor bike rides round some beauty spot somewhere perhaps?

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Ill have a go once the weather cheers up!


That sounds great, I hadn't thought of YouTube fir exercise bikes! 😊 Will check it out


Woohoo AuraShadows! WTG you! :)

Now you need to join the Kilometre Zero challenge to log all those wonderful K's! :)


Keep up the great spinning! :)


Bikes are fun, try different positions if the bike is stable enough. Standing up straight both normal or during a sprint, then lean forward still of the seat or sit/stand so sit then stand sit back down then stand. I do a spinning class at the gym it is a killer and good cal burn, we do something similar to yours but he adds the ones I have explained. Try turning up/ down resistance at certain parts has well that helps.

Good luck and enjoy



Well done, I like cycling too, but feel a bit self conscious about doing it outside. So I got one for indoors and have been looking for something like this to try as it can get a bit boring cycling non stop for 30 mins.

I'm going to give this a try today and see how I get on.

Thanks for the hint and motivation!


Hi AuraShadows,

This looks like a great work-out. Really good!

Lowcal :-)

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