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15 weeks to drop for holiday & for good

Hi all,

I have, last week, booked a holiday for 10th October, so obviously I'd love to fit into some size 14 outfits! (currently sitting at a tight 16 and lose 18)

A couple of months ago I took up swimming, but since then, have had to go through a very stressful break-up (managed to lose near 5kgs, but I'm guessing I've probably put back on since), so my swimming motivation has plummeted to 0.

My holiday means I've 15 weeks (around 3 months) to lose 2 dress sizes. Reading up, it seems to be around 2st, but obviously it may differ for myself.

I plan on getting back in to swimming 4/5 times a week - I usually try and do some HIIT type workouts in the pool, if there is room (whether that be through time or number of lengths).

I plan on drastically cutting my food, cutting all the ridiculous emotional eating I've been doing lately, cleaner eating, simple foods, going to try and stay away from prepacked stuff where I can and sort of adopt a semi vegetarian diet - mainly because meat is more expensive when it's from butchers etc! Hopefully cutting my calorie intake to about 1600-1800

Is 2 dress sizes in 3 months doable....? Is there anything extra I could be doing to help?

It's going to take all my motivation and will power, but this will be a lifestyle change, not a quick fix and back to normal after the holiday. I'm tired of feeling unhappy with the way I look and I think it will play a little bit of after break-up self help! Get myself feeling good about myself again and up my self confidence.

Ultimately I'd love to get back down to a size 12 again, but I think 3 in 3 months is a little unachievable, I'm already worried 2 is too much.

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Hello BB and welcome to this forum,

I think your target is achievable and I would suggest that you check your BMI as well as your Resting Metabolic Rate before deciding the daily calorie allowance you need to follow to safely lose weight. In my case my BMI suggests a lower limit of 1900 calories and my RMR says 1800. If I were to stick to these levels then I would not lose weight as my activity levels are moderate. I found that keeping to between 1400-1600 calories a day allowed me to lose, on average, 2lbs a week. I am now around 12lbs from my target weight and my weight loss has slowed, mainly because I have drifted off of the nhs plan a bit these past weeks so I am now going to get back to my daily allowance and make a push to get below 14st 7lbs!

Good luck - John :-)


Hi Brocollibunnies,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I hope you'll enjoy being part of this community, and I'd like to wish you success with your goals. Have you seen our Pinned posts area? See the top right-hand-side of the homepage, and I'd recommend having a read of our Welcome Newbie post, which moreless has collated.

Please join in with anything you like the look of in the forum, and maybe join us for the Monday group weigh-in sessions if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


You can do!! Its a great goal and achievable.

I started 11 weeks ago at 13st 12lbs with the aim to lose just over 2 stone in 13 weeks before my holiday in mid july. Im pleased to say I have lost 1st 10lbs so far! And more importantly i've lost 10cm off my waist!!!

Ive tended to stick to 1400 calories a day, this has seen a loss of about 0.9kg a week (1-2 lbs).

Id recommend this site to work out your calories, it seems to be on the more conservative side than the NHS one that i feel gives you a limit to high. calculator.net/calorie-calc...

Good luck,you can do it! The only piece of advice I have is to weight absolutely everything for the first few weeks, I couldnt believe how much i underestimated some things!!


Morning brocollibunnies

Love your name btw!! 😊

You are right to put yourself first and take control 😊 And sensible eating combined with exercise us the way to go 😊 I try not to focus too much on the numbers but more on dress size/inches and general fitness levels, but many find a target useful 😊 A holiday is a really good positive motivator! Very best wishes 😊


Thank you for the replies!

I need massive self control, I've tried losing weight before, clearly that didn't pan otherwise I wouldn't be trying now, ahah.

Ah perhaps I need to drop my limit down to about 1400 then, if that seems to be working for most. The link suggests 1600. I guess I can trial 1400 for a couple of weeks and see how I go.

Hunger is the biggest issue with me, no matter how much high fibre and/or protein foods I eat, I always seem to be hungry... I guess I just need to push through the barrier and keep going!


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