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Yo yo dieter

Hi all

Just joined this site and not great with technology ! Starting eating healthy .... Again. Tried SW/WW etc. Can lose but them after a bit it goes back on. Want to loose about 6+ stone but taking small steps. Also my husband just been told he has diabetes type 2. It is hereditary but his weight has brought on early so both of us really need to get this under control .

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Hi aly36,

Good luck from another yo yo dieter.


This sounds like the perfect time to start out on the new healthier lifestyle for you both 😊 I guessing you have quite a lot of kniwledge after SW/WW so you know what to do, although doing it isn't always do easy!! I would do some research about the right kind of eating plan that suits you and your family, I personally follow quite a generous plan, about 1400 calories, and have also gradually increased my exercise. This way I am losing inches and have more energy as well as weighing less 😊 My hubby eats the same as me, and when visitors/family visit so do they, I just boost the veggies and therefore reduce the meat/cheese high calorie content 😊

You will get an official 'welcome' later and also a link to some relevant posts for diabetes.

Good luck!


Hi thanks for all that information . Yes I could prob run a slimming club but like you say it's doing it. At the moment were just eating 3 meals a day snacking on fruit /veg and making small changes. I have prepared meals & bought all heathy food in. Trying to cut my husbands portions down and keep him away from take outs & booze ! Don't want to stop it all though it's a lot for him to deal with the diabetes alone.

Loving the support from a group never done anything like this before 😁

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Yes, this is a great group 😊 Also agree about importance of treats, I am 100 strict through the week and allow a drink a few trests at weekends 😊



I just joined today I think not sure if I did as I not good at techy stuff

Don't know where to start any info gratefully received


Someone else who's not great at tech stuff lol!

I'm trying to see how you do this weigh day Monday's still looking lol.

Nice to have a supportive group.

Just trying to eat healthy as I've been on too many ' diets' need to lose a lot but doing it bit by bit.

Good luck !


Hello ! Welcome and good luck !

2l of water a day , makes miracles x


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