Oh dear yet another 1lb gained

We did have a family wedding though and it was the first time in weeks I let my hair down, so I suppose it was to be expected.

I have decided to go back to week 1, hubby doing well, though he's losing weight, so I have to make meals that are more substantial for him to enable him to gain weight now. I'm going to get my smaller plate today, portion size is my aim.

Once again, I'd like to thank you all for the support on this very emotional roller coaster my husband and I have been on, the weight gain must stop now and back to the beginning while I've still lost one stone.

Best wishes everyone for a good week, I'm back on track 👍👍👍


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8 Replies

  • A pound isn't bad. Look at how well you have done to date. You had a celebration and enjoyed yourself and now you are back on it again. I'm the only one in my family doing this plan so it's difficult at times. It must be great that your hubby is doing it too. I wish you well.

  • Sorry Kenny25 but my husband has been poorly having had serious operation so his loss is not intentional. As I've to build him up again I need to give him more substantial meals, we both like fish but the only way he will eat it is mackerel on toast or cod in batter, not good for me, he doesn't like sauces either has anyone any ideas as to what I can give him that he will like and is ok for me?

  • I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope that he will be better soon.

  • Thank you Kenny25 x

  • Hi Cockneyblue, I'm really sorry to hear that you've gained another pound, but I'm delighted to hear that you and your husband have been able to let your hair down at a family wedding and put your recent troubles behind you :)

    I think if portion control is your aim, then preparing everyday meals that your husband enjoys will be perfectly fine for you, as long as your plate doesn't hold as much and that the emphasis is on vegetable, rather than carbohydrate. eg spag bol, cottage pie, braised steak and kidney (in a pie for hubby), chops, stir fries, stew, ? fish pie, salads, omelettes, soup etc

    If you make everything from scratch, you'll know the content and calories per portion. Your hubby can supplement (appetite led) with added extras that you don't eat. Custards, puddings, sweet treats, bread etc

    I know you'll cope and that you'll both emerge as little and large, but will have swapped roles! ;)

    If you'd like some extra support, why not join Lowcal's re-boot challenge? It's working well for a lot of us! :)

    All the best! :)

  • Hello Cockneyblue

    Glad you had a good wedding and managed to let your hair down after all your recent troubles 😊 Glad you are back on the wagon, I recommend the re boot challenge, I am on week 2/3 😊

  • I know you can do it !

    There will be hard days and easy days but as long as your journey has persistence and consistency you will get there !

    You know , to buy a car , you need money . The Car is very expensive , that requires you to work hard , skip summer holiday , skip that beautiful handbag you've seen , you gotta be more organised with your money and sometimes your really wanna give up on that car . Oh that stupid car , all my friends are in holiday and I am here , working a night shift for that car . One day after all the work and sacrifices you have the money to get the car , and you run to a show-room and you're all excited and happy , and you find the car of your dreams . You test it, that's the one , that's you dream car . And the agent hands you the car keys and says: " Congrats miss , the car is now yours !"

    And you're happy , you love the care and you will say to you that it worth it and you can drive to the sea and you can even have a cheat treat : ice-cream and you love your brand new car ! What a succes !

    That's exactly how being on a diet feels , like buying an expensive car . Long time , investment , stress , anger , happiness , motivation and in the end : tears of joy and that's because your goal is now a reality ! And you made it happen !

    Don't give up , one day you'll put on the dress or the skinny jeans of your dreams !

    Lots of love ,



  • Beautifully written Roxi, thank you xx

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