Pregnant but overweight... would like to maybe loose a little weight whilst staying healthy for baby.. any advice?


I'm shauna and im new here. I saw this group and really wanted to join. I always found it hard to loose weight as I'm the kind of person who needs pushing sometimes to keep on track.

Basically, I was size 10 when I got pregnant at 17. I didn't put too much weight on until I started with preeclampsia at 30 weeks. I was monitored but the visual disturbances made me close to blind so I comfort ate to make myself feel better as I felt so alone. After the baby was born i managed loose weight to a size 12/14 before I got pregnant again and swelled up again. By this point I had stretch marks everywhere and I mean literally everywhere ! Arms, thighs, legs, boobs, bum, back and belly. My confidence was shot when my husband and I had a rough patch and I comfort age again. I'm now size 20 and 9 weeks pregnant I was starting to put a diet into action when I found out I was pregnant. I don't want to be this big. I feel so ugly and horrible. I hate looking at myself. I just want to loose a bit of weight so I feel healthier to enjoy my toddlers and have a healthier pregnancy. I know it's not advised to diet in pregnancy but it's also not recommended to weigh 16stone. I need help on where to start and how to go about dieting when pregnant.

Sorry if I waffled on ! I'd appreciate any help or advice. Thanks again!

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  • Hi Shauna,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am just dashing off to work, but I am copying a previous post that you might find helpful, as there are lots of excellent replies that are relevant to your situation in that post, and I thought it was a good way to give you some information:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks I'll check it out now!

  • Hello

    I can really sympathise as complications during pregnancy made my weight gain larger than normal, and then difficult to shift afterwards.

    Whilst no one can endorse a drastically reduced calorie controlled "diet", sensible eating is a definite positive. 😊 Do some reading, speak to your midwife, but must important, keep yourself well 😊 I think a conversation with your husband could be very useful too, his support is vital, 😊 Remember, healthy meals can be made and enjoyed by the whole family. 😊

  • Everyone in my household seems to be a fussy eater so finding one meal to cook for all is hard. Luckily my pregnancy nausea has put me off chocolate and Pepsi so sticking to sugar free cordials and toast pretty much. I think I'm gonna have to eat more fruit and veg never been a great veggie eater lol! Thanks for posting and the advice really appreciate it!

  • Do what you can, wean yourself off surgery drinks, pulses maybe, not a fan myself!

    Try to encouraperate as much healthy stuff as you can, keep in check your portions, this tiny baby needs next to nothing as yet............keep well, hydrated and calm.

    Take care

  • Yeah gonna go get some more fruit and stuff in on my next shop! Nausea making it hard to get out so going walking with my husband tomorrow incase I go dizzy. Thanks for advice!

  • Hi I totally agree with anna61 speak to your doctor or midwife for sure you won't be the first person who has asked this question. Being honest and talking to your husband of your fears is extreamly important he will be worried too. I was 14st when I had my 2nd and 3rd baby also 30 and 35 so was classed at 35 being an older mum I don't think that apples now as women are having children later in life. I put just a stone on both times through sensible healthy eating watched and monitored by the midwife. Cherish this special time whilst your children are young, sure it is hard work but at the moment your health is he most important aspect healthy mum, happy children. Speak to your medical team wishing you well and hope the nausea wears off soon. 🐣

  • Thanks. I'm gonna speak to him later managed get him come for a walk with me tomorrow. Sickness makes me dizzy plus I have high blood pressure so that doesn't help! Defo speak to midwife when I see her next! Thanks for the post and advice!

  • Hi sc94

    No such thing a waffle on here,welcome

  • This is what I learned when I had my children; buy some chrystalized ginger to chew to stop the nausea. Start the day with a dry Rich-tea biscuit and a cup of tea before you get up if hubby will bring it? Eat little and regularly, as stomach space is limited when baby gets big, so several small meals will be better - avoid heartburn etc from eating larger meals. Eat lots of fruit and veg for important vitamins and minerals, meat, fish, eggs, for protein, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese for calcium. Avoid highly spiced foods and very sugary and fatty foods. Take help from friends, parents, siblings when offered so you can sleep occasionally! Good luck...

  • Husband leaves before I get up but I will keep biscuits next to bed defo will try that! Thanks for the tip! I try avoid large meals but I need something decent in morning and a main meal at night for my tablets. Trying not have anything too heavy though. Luckily my daughter still naps so I grab an hour when I can. Husband has.time off coming up so think I'll be in bed a lot of it if sickness doesn't ease but hoping it will! Thanks again for posting really appreciate it !

  • Hope the morning sickness passes soon.

    Really is the most horrendous thing isn't it?

    Sending hugs 😊

  • Thanks. Yes it's awful. With my other 2 pregnancies it was either morning or night. This one is constantly sick feeling in my stomach so I'm barely leaving the house. Can't wait for it to go lol x

  • Hi Shauna! When I fell pregnant with my 3rd I joined slimming world which is fully supported by midwives and I lost 2 stone whilst pregnant. I also was a size 20 when I got pregnant and I've got to be honest I would've been in a wheelchair if I hadn't lost the weight as my SPD was so bad. It is definitely worth looking into. You need to speak to your midwife if you want to join because she needs to sign something if I remember correctly. The plan is totally doable and you get a little extra because you're pregnant ☺ hope this helps x

  • Thanks I'll defo looking into it!!

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