Today ... was a good day

Today my landlord s wife and I had a chat , I wanted to give her a pair of trousers which of course won t fit on my butt as I am a size 18 and trousers were 16 H&M . Of course on her were big as she said that usually she wears a size 10 but for H&M , a size 12 is to tight so I was like try this trousers . They didn t fit and she said , you should have them , maybe you will wear them in 2 months !

The smile on my face was huge , loved those words .

Had a huge fight with mum , we live in different countries and we re very different women , she always told me I was fat and yes it s true , I m fat but I m aware of it . Calling someone fat when they find themselves in mirrors everyday is unnecessary so even if you have a miserable day don t make others feel miserable , don't be rude, some people fight with themselfves to get up and fight the world .

And if your friend is having a struggle with their diets , spit out that chocolate in your mouth and share a piece of celery , you'll make your friend laugh and that will be your contribution to a better friend !

Good night everyone !


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10 Replies

  • Sorry , trousers are size 14

  • Glad your friends are supporting you and encouraging you in your weight loss.

    Sorry to hear about the fight with your Mum - I know when my daughter was a teenager, we clashed a lot as we were very different people with different interests in life. We get on so much better now we live 200 miles apart, and just catch up occasionally with the odd chat on the phone. Don't let your mother's words upset you, she may have problems of her own, and we often hurt those closest to us, not always intentionally.

    Stay positive, and buy yourself the next size pair of trousers to hang on your wardrobe to remind you why you are doing this!

  • You are beyond lovely !

    Thank you for your kind words and support !

    I wish you good luck and strenght in your journey as well and I hope you daughter is well xx

  • Lovely post, RoxyGoesAkinny, thank you well said.

  • Thank you as well !

    Send you my love ❤️

  • I am sorry to hear about your row with your Mum. I hope you will soon be making things up again. But what a lovely relationship you have with your landlord's wife. Cherish her as well as your Mum. Good luck with your weight loss and you will soon be in those trousers!

  • I love you already Sheilamb ❤️

    Thank you for your words !

    Good luck in your journey as well and I will always be here if you need help !

    Happy Monday ❤️

  • Her's to a good week for all of us. 👏

  • Indeed ❤️❤️

  • And the icing on my cake? Being glued to the screen whilst Federer us playing. Go Roger!

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