Hello. I've always been underweight up until I was 17 when I broke my ankle but it went undetected for several years, I had operations and I went on medication of all sorts. Now 10 years on I am 19 and half stone and gained minimum of 1 stone per year. It devastates me but I have lost all motivation. Need to get focused. I am disgusted. I have mental health and disabilities too so it is very difficult. Cant exercise and the autism means I struggle in groups. I am desperate to shed the pounds. I worry I will kill myself. I stood in the shower tonight and cried as my belly now touches my legs. Can anyone talk to me? Sorry for moaning. Rant over. Thank you so much for reading. x


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  • Hi and welcome Annie-Mae19 to this very friendly forum 😀 you have defiantly come to the right place for motivation, advice and support.

    Your story has really touched me and feel you have taken the huge first step by coming here.

    I would recommend you down load the nhs12wk plan and read through all the information and also read posts on this forum as it has helped me hugely 😀

    Log onto the nhs calorie allowance checker and log onto myfitnesspal (it's free and easy to use) to log your day to day food and drink. You can amend the calorie allowance on myfitnesspal as it will work out a different amount. Try and stick to the lower amount for bigger losses but if you struggle go nearer the higher amount. Healthy eating and moving a bit more will get easier the more you persevere. Aim for 1-2lb weight loss a week.

    Don't be shy and join in on here as much as you can it really does help. You will get an official welcome soon which will point you in the right direction.

    Take care and good luck.

    Claire x

  • So sorry you feel so desperate .This forum will get you on track.Don't lose heart .Good Luck on your journey.

  • I am concerned about you, Annie-Mae. If you are having suicidal thoughts, I really, really think you should go and see a mental health professional as soon as you can. Of course you will be able to benefit from the healthy lifestyle in the NHS 12 week plan, but you shouldn't be facing this alone when you are feeling that desperate.

    But know that you _can_ be helped. And we in this forum will be there to support you.

  • Hi Annie-Mae19

    Claire2stone has given you some good advice there and don't worry I need to lose quite a lot too we are all on here for the same reason so don't say sorry for moaning or ranting we all need help along the way and we are here to help each other. Some days you may not feel like going on the forum but when you have good days pop on you will have some advice that will be of value to others too. Depending on your disability there may be some exercises you can do maybe your doctor or nurse could advise maybe by phone if you don't want to go in person. This isn't a diet it is a change of lifestyle download week 1 of the 12 week plan give it a go I am sure even by the end of week 1 you will feel better I am only on week 6 and cannot believe how much better I feel. GO FOR IT ANNIE-MAE!

  • Hi Annie-Mae,

    Oh, you so need a friend or two to help you deal with these problems. We can help - any time you need to chat, there will be someone here. The good thing is, you are still young and you CAN make a decision to get back in control of your life.

    Make a plan for tomorrow - you can do this in small steps, one day at a time. Look at the 12 Week NHS program for guidance, but just tomorrow, have a bowl of porridge or cereal for breakfast, a piece of fruit or a cup of soup mid morning, a light salad lunch, a yogurt or banana mid afternoon, an evening meal with a pile of veg, some chicken or fish and small amount of potato/rice or pasta. Have a jelly and ice cream for dessert or a baked apple, or a low-cal dessert of some sort. Maybe a hot drink before bed. That is Day 1 sorted!

    The next thing to plan is how to keep your mind occupied between meals so you don't snack out of boredom; you write well, so why not start a blog or a diary of how your weight loss is progressing? Maybe start a knitting project or a painting?

    The exercise for you at this stage can be just isometric type of exercise; push against a wall bending and straightening your arms. Sit on a firm chair and lift your feet up and down. Take short walks down the garden or path, and add a few steps each time as you gradually get fitter. Look at the You-Tube videos that some people here recommend for exercise. As you get slimmer, you will be able to do more. Go girl - you are worth it!

  • I have arthritis in both hips and find exercise difficult but I have found I can cycle. There is always some exercise you can do its just finding one you can do. Can you clap and wave your arms about? That's exercise! Use baked beans cans as dumb bells. There's lots of calorie burning exercises you can do from a chair. Find an exercise that doesn't hurt.

  • Hi Annie-Mae19,

    I'd like to welcome you to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I hope that you are feeling a bit better and that you feel a bit more supported with things - I can see you've already had some really helpful replies to your post.

    I am wondering how you're feeling today, so please do maybe write and let us know, as it was concerning to hear you were feeling so upset the other night. Do you have anyone at home that you can talk to about things as well - and maybe consider contacting your GP to have some more help for your mood. It can be very tough when you're feeling upset, and so having more support is a good thing.

    Also, have a look at our Welcome Newbie post, as it is really motivating and has some helpful tips and suggestions in it - you can find that in the Pinned posts area - which is on the top right-hand-side of the homepage.

    Take care, and let us know how you're doing today, if you can. You can always send me a private message if you want to.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hello

    I have nothing more to add to the lovely comments made by the wonderful members of this forum ❤️ You can do this, 😊 Very best wishes

  • Annie , please don't give up so easily ! You're strong and ambitious , you can't give up so easily !

    Always fighting is hard but victory .... victory is the sweetest chocolate in the world !

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm just writing something on behalf of Annie-Mae, as I've heard from her via private message, and she wants you all to know how grateful she has been for all your really lovely replies to her initial post.

    Annie also wants to reassure us that she's doing well, and that she does have plenty of support around her, and that she doesn't want anyone to be worried about her well-being, as she is doing fine.

    She's glad to be part of this community, and she asked me if I would just communicate these things to you all today, reassure you incase you were worrying about her - she does worry that she doesn't express herself well - but I think Annie wrote a really great post, and I've told her this today.

    Annie-Mae19 - hope this reflects what you wanted me to say - and I would like to wish you a great week ahead. Enjoy the rest of Sunday. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Annie-Mae19 (and Zest) - I was hoping to hear from you Annie-Mae, really thought a lot about you yesterday.

    Your post was perfectly fine - It is okay to be honest about one's frustrations and feeling. Please keep posting :-)

  • Annie-Mae19 - Thanks for the message via Lowcal; hope you had a good day today and are perhaps planning your meals for Monday? Day 1 over, now look ahead to Day 2. Never look back, and don't beat yourself up if you had one or two slips - it takes a while to get new habits established. Good luck!

  • Hi Annie-Mae19 (and Zest) 😀

    Annie-mae I'm really glad you expressed yourself through lowcal as I know how daunting all this is.

    Don't worry about what you said yesterday as I really felt your post was from the heart and sometimes the truth can shock...but can also help immensely.

    Good luck with everything and hope you will use this site again when you feel ready. We are all here for you.

    Claire x

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