Feeling so rubbish

Feeling so rubbish

Hi everyone,

Got to a point where no matter how much I push myself at the gym, put the steps in and keep to my cals everything just stopped even my tummy not moving been 36in for months.

I went to get some new tops today found nothing tried afew things on but each time they may have looked good on but I knew what was underneath was still not good.

Even though I have gone from size 18/16 bottom and 14 to a 12 top lost over 1 1/2 stone I still feel big cause I see the fat wobbly tummy.

Not giving up just need to work harder. Maybe stop looking at myself hass big, screaming inside.


Good luck


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  • hurdles suck. you've done SO amazing. i dont know you but im uber proud of you. Just remember you CAN do this, and you ARE doing this. i know you dont feel great but i think you're fab x

  • Hi Wendy,

    Hold on to the fact that your tops did look good on you today - regardless of how you're perceiving you look 'underneath' the top, your shape wearing the top obviously does look good - that's so great! I think we are often our own worst critics, and I really hope that you can feel better about how you look underneath the top as time goes on. You're doing so well - you've lost over one and a half stones, and your clothes size has reduced too.

    Glad to hear you're not giving up, as you've made great progress.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Me before

  • How do you add another photo?

  • I think you need to do a new post to do that - I don't think you can add more than one photo to any one post, unless you can create one that has sections within it.

    It's a lovely photo - your before one. Maybe do a new post and then edit this one to include a link so people can click on the other photo?

  • Hi, you've done really well, don't be disheartened or unhappy with yourself, you look great on the 'after' photo, have you tried some gentle excercise a to tone your tum a bit? I've got a feeling I will have to as well as lose the weight.

  • Gottodothis

    Please don't beat yourself up , you will be fine.

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