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Good morning all. I was looking for a free site to help me keep track of my food and exercise and found this one and it looks good. I've done nutracheck in the past and was quite successful but over the years I have regained what I lost. I have 40kg to lose by September 2017 when my grandson gets married. I want to want to be in the photos! I also want to maintain a healthy weight and stop this yo yo-ing. I'm too old for that sort of thing anymore.

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Good morning Jayne. You are definitely in the right place on this forum and will get loads of advice and encouragement. I`m 65 and like you have been a yo yo dieter for far too long. Since starting the NHS 12 week healthy eating plan 10 weeks ago I have lost 10 pound. I know that`s only 1 pound a week but it`s steady and manageable without feeling like I`m depriving myself. Keep in touch and take it steady. Don`t look at the overall amount of weight you want to lose but focus on baby steps. Set yourself small goals and you`ll gradually get to where you want to be and look beautiful at your grandson`s wedding.

Good luck!


Many thanks for your support. I've been saying for some time now that I am fat because I've been dieting for 40 years. I need to get out of the vicious cycle but if I don't know why I overeat in the first place will I ever stop yoyo-ing? Being 100 pounds lighter should be motivation enough if I get there, even 50 pounds would make a big dent in the numbers, but I'm scared of failing again and then that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and round we go again. Sorry to sound so maudlin!

Well done on your 10lb loss. A pound a week is almost 4 stone in a year so if I could maintain a similar loss I would be happy.

I have printed off the activity chart for next week and stuck it to the fridge so everyone can see what I'm doing. That should keep me on track. I also read this week that taking photographs of your food is better that just writing down what you eat, particularly if you share it on social media. Other people's positive comments will be motivational. Not sure I am brave enough yet to do that!


Small steps and small goals are one way of breaking the journey down into achievable steps 😊 5% loss for example, or cutting out sugary things or snacking.

I am also a lifelong yoyo dieter but almost a year into a healthy fitter lifestyle 😊

Good luck!

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