Feeling rrrrrubish!

Urgh! I'm not feeling so good today. Don't know what happened but fell way off the wagon the last 2 days. We've had some time off and been doing day trips. Weds we had treats and they were naughty and I could probably have gotten away with it if I'd have stopped right there but then we went out for the day yesterday to Stratford Upon Avon. Was mostly good up until the icecream and I still could've got away with it until we decided on popping into our fav Indian whist there. Today I'm feeling really regretful as I didn't just eat what I wanted I overate and then some 😤 I'm frustrated with myself cuz I've not done that since starting in Feb/March plus I wouldn't mind so much and would put it down to a moment of madness but I feel really sickly and lethargic today & worried I will do the same later as I'm in a funny frame of mind. I've been suffering with terrible sinussy headaches brought on by Hayfever and the stuffy weather I think although that really is no excuse & been suffering badly with my back but have been trying to move around it's not helping. So far today just had pink grapefruit and a cuppa. Don't know what to do today...shall I just eat lots of fruit and water and try and get it out of my system or just carry on with my cal allowance for today and put it behind me?! And just accept the inevitable gain on Mon?!😦 I'm going to do some physio exercises shortly to see if it helps too. Sorry to babble...just thought it might help to get it out there! xxx

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  • Just own it and move on. There's nothing you can do about it so just work a little bit harder this week. I had a massive piece of chocolate fudge cake and ice cream last night...we all need a treat now and then but I know I will be annoyed at it on Monday morning!

  • Haha I will do. Thank u x

  • We all need the occasional day or two off when we can enjoy our food and have a break from exercise, and so long as you treat it as a short break in an otherwise healthy eating lifestyle, you can carry on without guilt. There is no time limit on weight loss, and a few days off won't add more than a few ounces; you might even find you have stayed the same. Feeling rough with Hay Fever and back pain is going to push you into a little comfort eating, but hopefully you will start to feel better soon (soak that bad back in a lovely hot bath, and sit with a hot water bottle behind you) and can then start getting more active again. Eat as usual within your calories, or you might be tempted to have a "rebound" binge if you restrict yourself too much.

  • Thank you DartmoorDumpling I decided to carry on as usual. ..especially because I was in a funny mood I feared that I would go off track again if I felt deprived like u say. Just been out and bought lots of lovely fresh fruit so looking forward to making a fruit salad later!

  • Oh poor you. Firstly, dont worry, it is ok to fall off the wagon sometimes. none of us are perfect are we? and you cannot beat yourself up about it. As for what you should do, personally i would take it easy today. It sound like you are not feeling good partly because of eating "rubbish", so plenty of water and fruit, a light lunch and tea tonight, an early night to rest your body, and start afresh tomorrow. Our bodies tell us when we have eaten the wrong foods, and if you think of your body as your car, if you put diesel into a petrol driven car, it doesnt bode well, does it?

    You should think about your Indian and remember how good it tasted, and then say, well, i had a blip, but thatl do for now. Never beat yourself up about it. you have to enjoy life. good luck, and i hope you have a great day and feel better in the morning.

  • oh well, that shows u how awake i am today, i didnt see that your post was a couple of days old. haha. and i see that you got over it, so well done.

  • Thank you RJ52 for your kind support. Yes I jumped straight back on the wagon on Friday. I find it therapeutic posting it on here as it's kind of 'out in the open' then. I ate a lot of fruit and drank a lot of water and felt a lot better for it and I was completely shocked when I weighed yesterday to have lost a lb..so I am taking that as a lesson learned. On hols next month so determined again now! xxx

  • I really feel for you with back pain 😞 I've never known anything like it, so debilitating and frustrating! Grrr 😞 Mine is hopefully on the mend but after being in bed fur a week and have gained half a stone!!!! Aargh !!!!

  • 😦 Oh dear, so frustrating...I feel your pain. Sometimes it feels like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Mine is easier this week than last, but I have to keep reminding myself to do my physio exercises even when it's easier to strengthen everything. I know it's frustrating but that weight will fly off when you start moving around again. Sending healing vibes your way! xxx

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