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Newbie, desperately in need of motivation

Hi everyone. As I said, I'm in serious, serious need of motivation.

I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. Four years ago, I decided enough is enough and managed to lose about 35kg in the following 2 years, may I add I still had another 25 to go. I then quit smoking, I'd decided to start running and these to habits did not quite go together. But that is pretty much where everything started to fall apart. I've been yo-yo-ing, picking up and losing the same 5kg's, but I could pretty much maintain my weight with running. Sadly, due to an injury toward the end of last year, after pushing myself too hard, doing to half marathons within 4 weeks, I've not done much running the last 6 months. Frankly I've not had the motivation.

So that, coupled with some personal issues, has left me quite depressed and being the emotional eater that I am, I now weigh 10kg's more than what I did this time last year. Which leaves me with a daunting 35kg's to lose.

I am petrified of ending up where I started 4 years ago, I promised myself I will never go back there again. But I just can not muster up the will to actually do something about it.

So I'm hoping that, by joining this forum I'll get a swift kick up the butt and if I'm held accountable it would keep me on the straight and narrow.

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Dear UnaV - I know how you feel! I have been yo-yoing for the past few years too. But this time I think I am more determined. The comments from people, mainly family, is just getting to me and it makes me feel so horrible. I feel like I am huge and dont want to feel like that anymore. I would love to lose 10kg to start with. This was my first week of proper control and I havent lost anything yet. Usually I would have thrown the towel in, but this time I am just going to remind myself that being healthy is important. I need to watch what I am eating not because of my weight alone, but also because its not really healthy for me or maybe my body just doesnt need so much! Its encouraging for me to read posts like yours and realise there are many others out there. So, I have started a pretty food diary, logging into myfitnesspal daily and also trying to walk atleast an hour daily. Onwards and upwards :)


Hi Unav, I know where you are coming from, I used to be a keen runner not particularly fast or stylish but loved getting out and into the rhythm and the weight stayed off. Fast forward a long time and I can't seem to get back into or my knee can't to be more precise. So I'm walking briskly with intervals of "as fast as I can" on uphill bits. It is hard work, gets me glowing and out of puff and feeling really good at the end just like running used to. Far less impact and some say just as good for you. Good luck on your journey and get the first kg out the way this month:-)


Firstly- it's not your fault. This is really important. Our brains make us crave high calorie foods when we are ill, tired, upset, afraid etc etc so I all these negative and stressful thoughts will be making things worse. I know it's hard but try to focus on the positives, you are still 35kg lower than you were, that's a major achievement!!! 😊Positive mindset is achieved by reminding ourselves that we can actually do these things, really concentrate on past achievements, allow ourselves to be proud 😊

Secondly, have smaller goals, don't think about how far you have to go but take small steps, healthier food swaps, less snacking, smaller portions, just choose ONE at a time to tackle, forget the numbers, focus on the process not the outcome. 😊 Write them down, ticking them off as you achieve them 😊

For motivation I read lots and listen to podcasts about successful weight loss and fitness. I particularly like foodforfitness.co.uk and one called 'fat loss happens on a Monday'

And of course, the biggest and most helpful if all, come on here, get it all out if your system, we are a friendly bunch!! 😊 Very best wishes


Hi and welcome Una :)

Fear not! You've come to exactly the right place! I felt the same level of desperation as you and by a stroke of luck, ended up here too. That was 9 months and nearly 6st ago :) The support, motivation and inspiration you'll get from this forum and it's amazing members, is second to none :)

First of all, have a look at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a phone). Start with the Welcome Newbies thread and read all the hints and tips, the motivational ideas and inspirational stories. Follow the link to the NHS 12 week plan and if that appeals to you, download the charts and sign up for the emails. For extra support, sign up to the re-boot challenge.

For motivation to get moving, we have the Kilometer Zero challenge and a beginner Couch To 5K challenge. Both are very motivating and a lot of fun :)

Last but not least, be active on the forum, because it's here that we form friendships and receive constant boosts to our resolve.

All that's left for me to say, is that you can do this and we can help! Onwards and downwards! :)


Thanks everyone for you kind replies, without sounding too dramatic, I've got tears in my eyes, it is so good to know I'm not alone.

Hang in there Sharonalex, the weight will start coming off soon.

Bellylaugh, it is just so frustrating, I need to run, emotionally it does wonders for me. My itbs is pretty much sorted, so I should really be getting out there. Of course, it does not help it being winter here at the moment, an early morning run and freezing my butt off does not get me too excited haha. Battling a bout of flu at the moment, but come monday morning, I WILL be out there again.

Anna61, I will definitely try to concentrate on the positives. I'll definitely check out the podcasts

Thanks moreless, I'm going to go check those out right now and thank you for the warm welcome :)


Sorry Una, I completely forgot to tell you about our monday group weigh-in, which is friendly and non-judgemental. The latest thread can always be found in the events section, beneath the pinned posts.

You'll be very welcome to either join last monday's, or wait until next monday.

Look forward to seeing you there :)


Hi Una you have had loads of brilliant advise above there isn't anything I can add I agree 100% with Anna61 small steps, small achievable goals, it's a mindset change and the 12 week plan re-educates you into thinking about food in different ways. I too need to loose the same amount of weight as you and tomorrow I enter week 6 if you love running do you have a treadmill at home seeing as it is winter where you are? You have already proved you can do it once like we all have so many times before. Things we don't like happen in our lives and I for one ended up in depression and have used food as one hell of a big comfort blanket trouble is it's still wrapped round me so now I have to loose it. Ready for that swift kick up the backside? You CAN do this TOGETHER we can all do this because we are here to help each other, get those running shoes on even if it's gentle walking first like I did moving into brisk then jog etc. Good luck Una keep us posted on your progress.😊👍


Thanks Itsbab, for the swift kick ;)

I do have access to a treadmill, so yes, I think for the time being until it warms up, I'll use that and get a podcast or two to listen to, to relieve the monotony.

As for the depression, this is a demon I've been fighting for many, many years and I'll just have to ride this bout out, finding other ways to deal than eating.


I found listening to music and watching comedy on TV brilliant if I feel low it takes your mind off the sober thoughts you are having which are easy to engulf you if you let them, to me laughter eases feeling down massively. Hope you feel better soon. Bev

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Hi Una, I've never had to lose that much weight so I don't know exactly what you are going through, but I can imagine it must feel like a daunting task ahead to know that you need to lose 25 kg. But it can be done. You've already come more than half way. You are doing incredibly well!

Weight loss motivation is very personal - to me it is about becoming a better runner. I've recently started running and I completely love it, but I want to be faster, I want to feel that I am flying - and that is not going to happen if I carry around too much weight, so now I am going to slim down till I reach a BMI of 22. The thought of running fast without feeling restrained by my own body is what keeps me from stuffing my face with all the food that surrounds me everyday.

What thought can keep you on the right path?


Thanks :)

I think for me, it would be my 20year high school reunion coming up, I definitely won't be at my goal weight by then, but I would like to be well on my way.

Have you tried interval training? I found that did wonders for upping my speed last year


Great - hang on to the thought of you getting back together with friends from high school looking gorgeous when ever you feel like eating something you shouldn't. Think about how good you will feel.

I do interval training once a week with a running club that I have recently joined. Hard work but lots of fun. Thanks :-)


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