Surprised myself

Today was only my 3rd day and I was dreading it as it was my day off:( had breakfast yet again which is brilliant, whole meal toast with spaghetti for lunch and an apple for a snack, Hunter chicken with wedges and green veg cooking away nicely plus 45 mins on the wifi fit step aerobics :) doesn't sound much but it mammoth for me......feeling knackered but chuffed with myself 😀😀

3 Replies

  • Fantastic! Days at home are the toughest but sounds like you've got yourself sorted!

  • Hi Pbusby,

    Yay, this sounds like another excellent day! Glad you're feeling chuffed with yourself, that sounds like a really great feeling! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I bet your chuffed , sounds exhausting lol well done you xx

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