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Update on Day2

Had a much better day yesterday.

1. only 2 slices of bread from a 400g loaf opposed to 5 from a 88g loaf.

2. didn't finish my tea of homemade fish n chips

3. made fish n chips....all done in the oven

4. only had fruit on night shift.

Day 3 today and resisted the scales up to now. They rule my life, they dictate my mood and food intake. On and off them all the time. Trying not to hit the scales till Day 7.

Finished nights this morning, off to Barnard Castle and a walk round the river, its a few miles circular walk, ill log it on my Map my walk.

Have a good day all....Jo x

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800g loaf


Yeah well done for yesterday👍 I know what you mean about scales I got on them at the start then didn't join the Monday weigh in for 4 weeks I have packaged them back up till next Monday morning as I too get obsessed to the point is standing on them several times a day so away they go on a weekly basis now banished only to be used on Monday's. It is hard working nights my son does it all your body clock goes out of sinc. Enjoy you walk around the river you have a nice day for it.


Well done Jo1957 😊 Each day gets easier 😊 Enjoy your walk

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Well done Jo, keep up the great work :)

It's surprising how quickly the days turn into weeks and suddenly everything falls into place and you relax into a natural pattern. Enjoy every minute of your journey :)

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