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Keeping it together

After my 'day' yesterday, I need to keep calm and focus. I can clearly see that we/I can use food as a reward for whatever emotion we are experiencing. I guess it could have been a glass of wine, for me it was a much bigger portion and a bag of nuts....I just though 'bugger it'.....Didn't help when I overheard a work mate suggest that I would put the weight all back on again as I have done that before. helpful, not. I would like to say it motivated me, but for some strange reason it didn't. I have been feeling a little smug if i am honest, I have lost weight and I do look slimmer, keeping that up is harder than you would think. All sorts of emotions are involved here, not just how much or what we eat.

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Time to take stock. You have lost - that's making you feel good. You had a bad day - that made you feel crap. Which feeling do you want to live with. Draw a line under that day, get back to plan, ignore your rude and ignorant work mate and set out on a positive journey to lose weight and maintain it. It's not easy I know, I reached my target weight just before Christmas last year and, by continuing to monitor my diet, regular weigh ins I have managed to maintain my loss but like me, you can do it.

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You will come across a lot of unwitting saboteurs in and amongst friends and family who resent your ability to face up to the problem and deal with it. Sadly they only reinforce any negative feelings still lurking inside, but fortunately you can come on this forum and have your strong positive emotions boosted!

Keep going, one day at a time....think "snakes and ladders" if you ever played that game! Most days we go up a ladder, some days we slip down the snake. Now go get back on that ladder, (and burn a few calories whilst climbing it)...you can win this game!


Well you are so going to show her, aren't you? And why shouldn't you feel good about your achievements. And it is good that you have lost weight before, even if you didn't manage to keep it off. All that practice helps you get it right this time. Given your busy life and pressures, you are doing really well. Perhaps you can inspire your work mate, further down the line, to make some healthy changes to her life.


OMG! You prove to that ignorant work mate just how focused you can be, maybe they hope you will fail because you will look better than they are and they are jealous of that. My husband is a smoker has been since I met him, he uses it to congratulate himself on a job well done, to help him sort out a problem and to ease stress, in fact anything really, changing your eating is hard because you have to change a lifetime of programming in your brain that is the way I look at it. I have used food like my husband uses cigarettes but now I want to change, take small alterations when you feel low instead of eating the wrong foods chocolate,crisps, cake etc the foods we were told were a treat as kids, have something else instead a bubble bath, a phone conversation with a friend you haven't spoken to for ages, a trip to the cinema, that glass of wine, have the low cal type the list could go on. As you get slimmer is there an activity you have always wanted to get into but weight put you off if so make that a goal for you. You are doing fab keep at it post on here when you need a hand lots of people here to help go for it prove that work person (not a mate) wrong👍


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