That's 2 stones shifted!!

Okay, so, I missed this Monday's weigh in, mainly due to internet issues, and probs with the HU site (which was being naughty), but also a family bereavement which had to take pole position.

Enough waffle! The scores on the doors: last weigh in post for me was Mon 13th June, the end of my Week 7, when I had lost a further 2lb to take me to 17st 10lb, down 25lb altogether from 19st 7lb.

My end of Week 8 weigh in (Mon 20th) shows a further reduction of 3lb, so I am now down 2st altogether in 8 weeks, to 17st 7lb. Very pleased with that, especially as it has been almost painless, and we've tried some great recipes along the way too! With 4 weeks to go, I am still looking to make 16st 7lb, so that's another 14lb to shift. It is a tough call, but I have averaged 3.5lb per week, so I have to believe it is doable.

My exercise is coming mostly from trying to tame the garden, and working on our 100 year old property... I've had to bang off one lime plastered wall back to brick this week, which kicks any gym session well into touch, but left me looking like a Terracotta Warrior. 😠

5 weeks until we go off to France for a month... hopefully by then I'll be well trim and not just another 'fat boy on the beach'. Then it's just a simple matter of dodging the croissants and foie gras... πŸ˜‡

Good luck getting down, everybody!


>< COYI ><


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7 Replies

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  • Wow that is such an inspiration! Well done x

  • Well done, keep it up Such an encouraging post to read. Sorry about the bereavement but am pleased that it didn't throw you off track as so often can happen

  • Brilliant!πŸ‘ Sorry to hear of your loss, the gardening aspect will give you an all over workout my dad used to say "you don't need a gym when you have got a decent sized garden to maintain". 2st is fab in 8 weeks, something I am aiming for or close to it. I am sure you will be able to lose another stone by the time you leave for France ready for your summer break congrats again.😊

  • Hi Merlin,

    I'm so sorry to hear of your family bereavement, please accept my sincere condolences. I hope you and your family are coping as well as can be expected, at such a sad time.

    On a lighter note, WOOHOO! What fantastic stats!! :) I hope you don't mind, but I've taken the liberty of copying and pasting your reply for the weigh-in thread, because you're never too late and always welcome :)

    It seems that DIY and gardening are perfect for weight loss and I'm sure that 6 pack is just dying to be released, in time for those French beaches! ;)

    Keep up the excellent work and good luck with the next stone. Just a small word of warning, please don't be too disappointed if your rate of loss slows down a bit :)

    Bon chance! :)

  • Thanks moreless,

    Yes I am hoping I can keep rolling at the current average but I'll accept what comes as long as I've done my utmost (that's a fib)..!


  • That is brilliant Merlin and believe that you can lose that next one stone in 4 weeks, keep your discipline and keep up with the gardening too!

    A great incentive will be the holiday, make sure your shorts fit :-) !


  • Thanks john,

    Yes the shorts are a must this time, I don't have youth and good looks to talk my way out of it...


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