2nd week !!

Hi guys I'm into my second week and had a few blips at the weekend ... I need to change my thinking around food too as I see it as a treat .. (Quite how eating loads of processed sugar spiked food is treating myself I will never know but there we have it ) I need to stay in contact here more I figure especially at weekends .. Any tips on getting through the weekend would be helpful ... I really want to be successful at this lifestyle change and appreciate all the support 🙂


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6 Replies

  • I've found my slow cooker really helps when I'm working as when I get in its all ready to serve, if your after a sweet treat try frozen grapes.....sounds weird but really hits the spot plus I mash banana up and freeze to make ice cream :) hope they help x

  • How to get round weekends? A big question. For me it's simple, there are seven days in a week, what's so different about Saturday and Sunday, the answer in true terms is nothing apart from what is in our heads. We need to take in nourishment everyday, why does the food we consume at the weekend have to be any different to what we have Monday to Friday.

    Enjoying the weekend is good, a time to relax after the working week but it does not have to make a dent into your diet, plan in a few treats if you need to but the secret is to stop thinking of food as treat, start thinking of if as fuel,

    If you must eat more at the weekend try to counteract it by increasing your exercise. If you have got time to eat more you have got time to exercise more. Lol.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on

  • It is all about quantities, and swaps. You can have a treat but make it a small one! Two chips instead of a portion of chips. A small bar of chocolate instead of a box. A small glass of spritzer instead of a large glass of wine. This is a battle we are fighting and we are on war-time rations!

    Look at some of the low-cal recipes for cake if you crave cake, and ban biscuits (or the ones you like) from the house. Check into which crisps or snacks you can fit in to your calories; some are much worse than others. Keep going, you are doing well.

  • Hi! I agree with annde treat the weekend just like any other day, plan in advance if going somewhere picnics out, meal etc. My house has all sorts of food for everyone else and I buy it the biscuits, cake, ice cream etc but when I see them in the cupboard/fridge I think to myself "YOU are the reason I am in this situation, you might look pretty in your colourful wrappers but you are the devil in disguise, so you can stay on that flaming shelf" There I AM actually going mad I now talk to myself but I think how far will I have to go on the treadmill to burn that kit Kat etc off and then i realise it's not worth it. You have to basically re programme your mind into another way of thinking, If those foods are a treat then why are they making you so unhappy with yourself?

  • I try and think of food as a treat for my body, so, have I had my 5/6 fruit and vegetables for the day - tick, 2 dairy - tick, 4 half litres of water - tick...I know it's a silly mind game but it works (at least most of the time) for me. This will sound stupid but I've found the more regimented my menu the easier it is for me it is to keep the calories under control. For example throughout the day (and everyday) I have a large bowl of homemade muesli with berries and skimmed milk, a sugarfree jelly with a full fat Greek yogurt, (that's my two dairy -tick) and a piece of fruit - then I have a 'dinner' in the evening. I'm not implying anyone should follow my boring eating plan it's just finding something that works for you.

  • Aww thank you guys... some really good tips and things to think about ... thank you all so much for taking the time to reply x

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