Week 1....update on day 1

Update on day one.

1. replaced some coffees with peppermint tea...0 calories opposed to 50 for my coffee.

2. snacked on grapes n tangerines.

3. need to cut down on my bread, although I eat wholemeal and seeded bread I eat too much, 5 slices yesterday....that's a whopping 500 calories

Night shift was a different storey, made some bad choices but the worst is, I wasn't even hungry....just bored. Need to make a plan for tonight.

I would that this point, eat what I wanted today as I have had a not so good night food wise. I would say to myself.

1. useless fat greedy pig

2. Il wait till I finish nights and start again on my days off........then when it went wrong on my days off, I say ill wait till im back on nights.

3. wait till after my holidays......that's in 2 weeks then my week holiday, where ill go at it full force and eat everything in sight.

4 wait till Monday

5. and the list goes on...and on and on

NOT this time. I will keep going today with best choices I can make and make a plan for tonight

Have a good day all....Jo x


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13 Replies

  • I have some of the same issues as you jo1957 but this site is so helpful and everyone is nice and friendly so I'm sure we've come to the right place to change. Good Luck x

  • Well done on a good first day 😊planning is key, especially with the added issue of shift working, perhaps regular snacks might help? Veggie sticks maybe? Bread is my downfall too, I have gradually reduced this but all these new habits take time to learn, so try to tackle them one at a time, milky coffee, bread, snacking etc with time it will become easier, trust me! 😊 Good luck today 😊

  • Anna, I am approaching it all different this time, as you say......all takes time. I have in the past been......right Monday morning, NO bread, cakes, biscuits, crisps, sweets, chocolate croissants, bagels and many other stuff. Just to go and eat it all 3 days later. I am never going to get through life without eating any of these things again. So I need to learn that a treat is not a daily thing but....maybe a fort nightly thing ? I don't want to cut anything from my life. Just control it better. I would have all these things daily usually x

  • Yes, it's important to have an eating plan that includes our favourite foods, but carefully watch portion size!! I buy a small sliced loaf from tesco instore bakery, much smaller than the warburtkns or hovis equivilant for example 😊

  • ohhh nice. do they do it in wholemeal. Do you know how many calories a slice Anna x

  • Why not build a little daily treat. Into your plan . I know that works for me. I find it keeps me on track. It is never more than 100-150 calories but it means I have a little daily reward. I am sure you will work out your own strategies for coping.

  • Bread was one of my downfalls too! I realised that it was one of the things preventing me from losing weight and making me feel bloated. I stopped having sandwiches but occasionally have wholemeal wraps instead, or those wholemeal sandwich thins, I keep them in the freezer and just defrost one at a time just to satisfy my bread cravings! Perhaps you could make up a big salad box to nibble on when you get bored on the night shift? Good luck!

  • Thank you for response Caz. No bread as yet today, I'm going to have 1 slice tonight at work. Salad box great idea thank you x

  • Plan for some great tasting drinks, herbal tea and marigold stock powder ( the orange one) are my safety nets

  • Hiya Diana thank you for your post. Marigold stock powder not heard of that. Where can you buy it. I am swapping out some of my coffees for peppermint tea x

  • Most supermarkets sell small tubs, a mug comes in at about 5 cals!

    Alternatively health food shops sell it, I use for cooking, everything except beef recipes

  • I forgot to mention Engevita also by marigold is a sprinkle food, only buy at health food shops tho, well worth the cheesy / yeasty taste

  • Ohhh fab, I'll look out for those Thank You x

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