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Low calories not losing weight



I have limited my calorie intake to around 1300 calories and yet my weight remains the same, I am losing confidence....help

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Lyndajayne,

Have you used the NHS BMI Calculator to check you recommended calorie range? It allows you to put your personal details in - height, current weight, activity levels etc, and gives a personalised range. Sometimes if people aren't eating sufficient calories, it can be hard to lose any weight, so it's worth checking:


That is the link to the page that contains the calculator - it's on the right-hand side of that page.

Have you seen our Welcome Newbie post yet? Do have a read, as it could have some helpful suggestions in it that might inspire you. It's in the Pinned posts area - top right-hand-side of the homepage, and is posted by moreless.

Hope you have a good week ahead, and that you have a successful week.

Lowcal :-)


Have you got a food scale? Weigh everything! Its time consuming and a pain but if you're just guessing with your eyes you can be way over your calories without realizing it...

Also, are you exercising? You do need to do both. Even if you can't manage much, short walks to start with and then building up will help.


Hi, check your personal calorie allowance on the BMI calculator and then keep a food and excercise diary. Weigh everything, write everything down, fill n the weekly planner. That way you can look back and see what worked and what didn't. Good luck!

Lyndajayne in reply to Caz28

Hi thanks,

That's how I started the calculator said between 1300 and 1500 calories I have limited my calorie intake to 1300 and substituted I meal for a shake and still not losing weight, feeling discouraged.

Caz287lbs in reply to Lyndajayne

sorry to hear that, I think we've all been in that place. I would forget the shake and have 3 meals. Are you able to do any excercise? power walking is really good if you can, there are videos on you tube. I can sympathise as my weight loss is slow. It made a difference to me to eat more veg and salad towards my 5 a day and not quite so much fruit and get more active. Maybe you could tweak a few things to find out what works for you.Heres a link to one of my posts, hope it gives you some encouragement. healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Runrabbit50Restart August 2020

Are you weighing and measuring and tracking every single thing that goes in your mouth you consume ? That’s usually why on low cals you don’t lose weight ?

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