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Lovely walk yesterday (being accountable - part 4)


I only lost 200g on my weekly weigh-in yesterday, a bit disappointing as I was on track for more. But better than nothing! And the aim is also to get fit. So yesterday was a hiking day, off on a long walk with friends. We sauntered around beautiful lakes with the Alps in the distance, stopping at beer gardens, the kids paddled and we all enjoyed the sun. About 12k, very leisurely. Very invigorating.

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DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

What beautiful, peaceful scenery. Recall this scene next time someone takes your blood pressure - it will no doubt calm you, and lower your reading!

Glad you have not gained...and all this walking might be building stonger muscles too. Hopefully next week will show a better loss on the scales.

Lovely photos, great way to get some excercise. Don't be dissapointed, you lost a little didn't gain, that's positive.

PippiRunsWorking at it

You are so near to your ideal weight now that it is probably getting harder to lose weight without lowering your calorie intake and/or increasing the amount of exercise considerably. I don't know what you eat, but you do exercise a lot already, so perhaps you will just have to accept that the remaining kilos are going to come off slower than the first ones?

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi JaySeeSkinny,

Wow, this looks really beautiful. What a lovely walk you've had. Idyllic! :-)

12km - really great! Glad you're feeling invigorated!

I've just had a run - so I am also feeling much better than I was before the run! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Lowcal :-)

That looks lovely - and well done on your 200g loss, better than nothing!

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