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Dieting for weight loss,BP & "pre-diabetic" condition

I started dieting about 2 months ago & am making steady progress.A recent blood test confirmed I am no longer a "pre-diabetic".My BP is also slightly lower.However the holiday season is upon & I have great difficulty eating out.Pubs like Wetherspoons are OK as thery give the calorific value of every meal you order.However,even they do not offer fresh fruit for dessert & neither do nearly all other eateries.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?

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You are doing so good. Don't let your holiday mess that up for you. Keep your eyes on your long term goal and the dessert might seem less interesting. My suggestion for desserts - if there is no healthy alternative on the menu - is to 1) ask for it - very often the kitchen can do something or 2) settle for a coffee so that you also have something to nibble on while the others eat dessert.


Hi nazos11,

Week 7's information on the NHS 12 week plan is all about coping with 'Eating out' so maybe have a look through, and use the tips and strategies it suggests:


Hope you enjoy your holiday!

Lowcal :-)


After counting calories you know what is good or bad for you. Ask for child's portions if posssible as they are just about right. Do you really need to eat 3 courses? If you find it difficult sitting and watching others having puddings then nip to the toilet and stay there for 5 minutes. Do your hair, makeup or nails. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you look great. If no one is in the toilet then you could do simple exercises.


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