I know it's not for here but !!!

I just wanted to say that with many others today I will miss my dad a tad more than every other day - I wish I could say to him once more how he made me the man I am. how I long to hear his voice, if he could see how far I have come and hope to go - I strive to be half the man he was to his family to mine .

Dad i hope you would be proud of me - wherever you are I will raise a glass to you and see you in another life.

If I need to talk diet - My Dad would have said -( deep and broad Leicester accent - ex grenadier guard and body guard - hands like shovels - very honest and loyal - complete grafter and hard as a coffin nail) you'll eat that dinner lad or sit there till you do - thousands are starving in africa and we are lucky enough to have food

, I wonder how many others heard the same thing

Tomorrow out of respect for a man I loved I will eat all me dinner whilst out with my two sons - two daughter in laws and five grandchildren

And probably recount stories of my childhood whilst being yawned at.

I hope I am lucky enough to turn out like him - mellowing into a gentle understanding man with amazing wisdom and forethought

Love you and miss you old man

Your number 3 of 6

Or as me my parents used to say

Goodnight mother of 6 - goodnight father of 4 - I think they where only joking - but looking at a couple of my siblings ??



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8 Replies

  • What a touching tribute to your father, Alastair :)

    Please accept my condolences.


  • A great post! Here's to all dads who helped to make us who we are! Cheers!!!!

  • Wow tears are wetting my cheeks what a lovely honest post happy fathers dad enjoy your dad reminising about ur ur dad x x x the thing i use to say to my former partner he would say night mother of one id say night father of none he only my daughter step dad but a good one just a joke we shared x

  • How lovely Alastair, made me cry and laugh 😃

    My sister and I were reminiscing about our Dad yesterday, he was ex navy, Scottish and a character to boot, miss him every day. His favourite tipple was Woods old navy rum and tonight I'm having a 'wee one' !!


  • This is the first post I read this morning and already brought a lump in my throat, hope you have a lovely day out with your family and eat your dinner whilst your dad smiles down at you and thinks how proud I am to have a son like you.

  • Thank you all for your kind words - I am gathering some pretty boring stories my boys will have heard a hundred times - all slightly more embellished as I have got older of course - have great days everyone


  • Hi Discovery,

    Loved your post & your words made me smile while bringing a lump to my throat. My Dad died almost 3 years ago and today I'm going to the cemetery with my flowers wishing more than words could ever express that I could just sit and have a cuppa with him once more. Like you I had to sit at the table till I'd eaten my dinner and to be honest I've said the same to my children, but today I'm going to follow your lead and eat all my dinner when we all gather at my daughter's to celebrate Fathers Day.

    Here's to all Dad's everywhere, those still with us and also those who've been promoted to a higher place.

  • Hi discovery

    My dad died suddenly 29 years ago on the 18th of June at the age of 66 it still feels hard that it was so close to Fathers Day, but if you can "give thanks". When we are young we don't/can't appreciate what dads give us or do for us and it can be a feeling of guilt that upsets us so. This morning my aunt aged 84 told me of her 5 year old great grand daughter who was proudly showing her the Fathers day card she had made "have you got a dad" she asked -no my dad died a long time ago- "sit here with me and look up to the sky and say I love you Dad and I always will" I'm going to do that right now. Out of the mouths of babes.....

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