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62 days to lose another 7lbs. Do-able?

So, I've lost 12 lbs since 07/04/2016. It hasn't been tough, I've upped my exercise a bit (classes 3 times per week and very intermittent runs in between) and changed my diet slightly. In terms of diet, I only have treats at weekends and have reduced portion sizes slightly. I'd love to lose another 7lbs before my besties wedding, which is 62 days away. Is this possible or likely? I'm consistently losing about 1lb - 2lbs per week.

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Hi Natalie-Jade,

As you've been successfully losing about 1 pound to 2 pounds per week, and you've got approx 8 and a bit weeks left to go before the Wedding, then hopefully it is going to be possible to lose 7 pounds in that time. I think it is achievable.

But of course, weight loss doesn't seem to be that predictable, and it will depend on how close you are to your healthy BMI, as it can really slow down as you approach that.

But I would say it sounds feasible, so wishing you the best with it, and Congratulations on losing 12 pounds already. You've done really well. :-)

Have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Yes, that should be do able for you! As long as you stick with it, you should reach your goal :)

Good luck!


Wow well done on losing 12 pounds you're nearly at the one stone mark :-).

6 pounds in 62 days is EASILY do-able especially giving your current track record. You will look fab at your friends wedding (don't outshine the bride though haha)

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