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Nordic walk final week

Well, just to finish off the feedback from all 4 lessons that make up the Learn to Nordic walk. After a recap of gear 1, 2 & 3 by walking up and down the park, it was time to find out about gear 4. I was a little nervous as I didn't think i could walk any faster, roll through my feet any more and keep my arms straight, eyes up.... so it was with some relief I heard that 4th gear was about straightening the 'core' getting the posture correct. So as the rain arrived and we walked our way up and down the gears I wondered how often i would do this new found exercise and was it worth buying the poles.........

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:-)- it all sounds very excellent and purposeful.

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Hi SandyJJ,

Well done for completing your Learn to Nordic Walk course. That 4th gear sounds like it was excellent for the core - what a pity it rained though!!!

Do you think you'll continue with Nordic walking, and are you glad you did it? I'm not sure how you're feeling from what you wrote - but it does sound like an interesting experience.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Lowcal, I think I would continue but the I cant make any of the weekend walks for ages and evening work-outs are difficult (I know I should make time but i work 4 long days). It ha made me think about signing up for more walking as it is something I would enjoy and could do with a dodgy knee.


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