Being accountable ! 😳

Weigh in today and I've put on 3 and 1/2 Ib this week !!!

I know why it has happened, and after some thought I decided to bite the bullet and post !. It's all about sharing the struggles as well as the successes πŸ˜ƒ

What I have learned this week is that I still don't handle stress or change very well. I revert back into old habits very easily !

My plan for this week is to ' get a grip' !! I've had the cheek to buy a bikini today ( I've not tried it on and there won't be a photo !! Lol), if that does not spur me on I don't know ??? I am also going to be better planned re meals and snacks.

Happy weekend everyone


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  • Hi Flossie358

    Ok so you have had a blip, but you know why that is, it is good to hear you have bought a new bikini so you are thinking positively, crikey I haven't worn a bikini since I was 22 (last millennium) I think we can all revert back to comfort eating depending on the amount of stress we are under and our mental state at the time but you have handled it well, hope you have a good weekend and the sun shines for us all. HAPPY WEEKEND!

  • Thanks Itsbab,

    Oh I've not worn one for years, I just saw it and thought 'what the he'll'. I've tried it on mmmmmnπŸ˜• Let's just say I'm a work in progress !! Lol

    Looking at the forecast no sun for is but it's sunny in my heart 🌞


  • Good for you sunny side up!🌞

  • Oh Flossie 3 1/2 lbs! It's what we always think we're doing to ourselves when we have what we shouldn't have, and unfortunately this time the scales have shown you their worst! I hope it becomes less of a gain on next week's re-weigh. The bikini purchase is way braver than anything I could imagine doing. But it's great to see you've held onto your motivation and determination. I hope this is a wake up call, a moment of clarity, or a turning point of some sort, they're often useful...

  • Thanks Ruth,

    I'm still a bit shocked at the size of the gain, but a lot of what I had had last week was processed 'fast' stuff, so I'm hoping a week of good quality fresh stuff and a good bit of exercise will turn it around.

    Good news, I'm got date to get that pesky tooth/ root removed, so still on antibiotics but the end is in sight !! πŸ˜ƒ

    The bikini was an impulse, but the reality of trying it on was scary !!! We've got to challange ourselves and boy have I set myself a challange ! Lol

    Have a lovely weekend


  • You can totally turn it around! I keep going up by 3, down by 2 etc at the moment, massive swings. Weight gain is definitely not just down to fat gain, there's all that water gain after eating salty food, and other things I don't understand too. Maybe detoxing with loads of healthy fresh stuff will reverse it as quickly as it came. Good luck with the bikini πŸ‘™ :)

  • Thanks Ruth,

    Hope you e had a lovely weekend, it's been hard not able to reply and post.


  • Hi Flossie, yes the weirdness on the site definitely affected how I felt I could post. Don't like losing track of replies etc! I ended up just getting on with stuff in the real world -being productive! Digging the garden over, was tough work but satisfying. Hope you had a good weekend too :)

  • Hi, Ruth, now exactly what you mean, it's a bit addictive !! Bet the garden is looking great! I've got pots to do todayπŸ˜ƒ


  • Hi Flossie,

    How lovely that you've bought yourself a bikini - I think that's really great!!! :-)

    I'd like to wish you a great week, and you can look forward to wearing that lovely bikini, and I am sure you will look really great in it.

    Enjoy the weekend, and here's to a great week ahead too.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    Not sure what summer I'll be wearing it !! I'm a work in progress ! Lol


  • A 3.5 lbs gain .... I feel your pain 😊 but remember that is unlikely to be 3.5 lbs of fat , a good portion will be water weight and you could easily find it is less in a day or so .

    These blips do happen. Even now, when I've been carefully maintaining for over a year, the scales go up and down by 2-3 lbs every few weeks. Just stick at it, and you will slowly progress.

  • Thanks elliebath,

    I'm still in shock but it's kept me on the straight and narrow over the weekend !!


  • I put on the same amount when I went to France for a few days (cheese, champagne and gateaux!). It took a week of being back on the wagon to shift it. Sometimes I think when you put it on quickly it also drops off quickly if you take prompt action.

    Made me realise how you can't take your eye off the ball for a moment without temptation sneaking in...

  • Thanks Seuzan,

    I'm hoping for a turn around, I've had a focused weekend and also made me realise what poor choices I had madeπŸ˜•

    No temptation up till now !


  • Hi Flossie,

    Don't worry about the gain as you have taken just the right attitude to it you said you know why it has happened and you are going to change it round this week which I know you can do :-)

    You will have slimmed into that bikini before you know it and then we definitely want a pic haha

  • Thanks esull,

    No chance of me posting a photo in a bikini !! Lol


  • Hi being accountable I know exactly how you feel .. One week I ve lost 1-2lbs then next week put bck on .. I buckle when stressed I hit the chocolate .. I also did wat u did bought something get me motivated .. So dnt be to hard on urself just dust urself and try again .. That's wat I'm trying do .. I get ther think positive ..

  • Thanks Andrea,

    I've had a bumpy few months but ready to make some real changes! Here's to positive thinking 😜

    What did you buy ?


  • Change is what happens to us, like it or lump it, we just need to adapt, I try to cope well, I 've gained a 1lb over the last two weeks, funeral and a week with family, back on track today!

    I know it's not comfort, the cat does that far's a tough lesson at times, not to believe that food never comforts, you gain short term fixes.

  • Thanks Diana,

    Your words are so true, I know I just need to challange my 'comfort' choices !! The gains just aren't worth it !!


  • we think we are being human!

  • Hey Flossie, don't you worry petal, life happens! It's time to put a smile on your face and stop beating yourself up! Take each day as it comes and give yourself a pat on the back for every achievement! Here's something to lift your mood :)

  • Oh moreless,

    How fantastic, looks just like mine too !! I'll be singing it for days !!!

    You've really made me laughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • Brilliant Flossie, that's what I like to hear! :)

  • Sit quietly if you are streesed and think through your problems. Is it really that bad that you have to stress about it? Or can you just say that it's not so important and prioritise how you will work through the things worrying you.

  • Thanks jjgib,

    A really good suggestion. This week is very different as the stress has eased.


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