Hi I am a newbie

I am Tanya I have Rheumatoid Arthritis for 5 years I have weekly injections of methotrexate injections and etanercept injections along with folic acid and naproxen. These help keep my flare up under control most of the time.

I am a complementary therapist so I am very interested in alternative methods in which to control my own pain and keep me working in a job I love very much.

I have two grown up children who are married with their little families. I try to keep my self as healthy as I can so I can enjoy my time with my five grandchildren. I do struggle some day's but I want to be in control and not RA in control of my life...... easy said than done some days.

I need to lose two stone so I am starting the 12 week plan; I know when I lose the weight again I will feel loads better. I have put on the weight after long course of steroid tables and injections. I found it hard to control my appetite when I am on steroids; I am off them now and have been for a while but needed motivation to lose weight. Now my flare up is giving me pain it has made me more determined to lose the extra weight. 😊


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7 Replies

  • Hi Tanya

    Welcome to the forum the admin team will welcome you soon but all the information you can find on the pinned posts section on the right of your screen. Challengers, Monday weigh in and newbie post which has lots of info for you.

    My heart goes out to you RA is such a debilitating disease my mother had it really bad when she was alive she had new knees, knuckles and hips but the pain used to make her cry so much. I have arthritis in my hands ( thumb joint and wrist ) and also now my right hip, it flares up then goes away a while, this past 10 days it has driven me mad and sleep is on and off with it. Part of my decision to lose weight was hopefully to ease the pressure on my hip apart from that I was getting out of breath just walking briskly. I am just starting week 5 of the 12 week plan and finding it really good and I am actually sticking to it but part of that is being on this forum finding encouragement and inspiration from the many lovely people on here. I am sure you will do well you have a good reason and goal to aim for to have less pain and a better quality of life. Keep posting how you are progressing and shout out if you need someone to advise or even a moan there is always someone to help on the forum. Good luck Bev

  • Thank you for your support Bev; I am hoping losing my weight too will help ease my pain. Well done five weeks in that's great to hear it's working for you xx good luck with your weightloss journey Bev. It greatly helped me last time I lost 3 stone but the weight is hard to control when I have to have steroids for 6 months. Thankfully I am off them now and looking forward to less pain with my weight loss

    Keep going your doing really well 😊

  • It was pain management/immobility that motivated me 😊 It's a great incentive 😊 I feel 10 years younger, and whilst I won't ever run a marathon, i can nowadays cope with tescos AND dog walk, 😊

  • Hi Anna

    Thank you for your message. Wow that's great to hear you feel 10 years younger that is very inspiring 😊 Thank you for your support Tanya

  • Welcome Tanya, you are in good hands with these lovely people. Any time you feel like a chat or feel like eating something you shouldn't come on here, there's always someone to put you in the right direction.

    I hope your pain eases soon and you feel better, I find this awful weather makes aches and pains worse.

    'The sun will come out tomorrow' we know a song about that! 🎤

    Best wishes

  • Hi Cockley blue

    Thank you for your message. That's very nice of you. The sunshine makes everything feel much better shame we don't get much here. Thanks for your support

  • Good luck with your weight loss, Tanya. If you are interested in alternative approaches, perhaps have a look at The Autoimmune Protocol by Sarah Ballantyne. It's a comprehensive look at how foods may affect our bodies and a suggested way of eating to help ease problems.

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