Clothes up-cycling distraction

Sitting here on yet another cold wet day enjoying my latest distraction- clothes up-cycling! Pinterest is a great resource and I now have lots of ideas how to make-over my wardrobe when I get down to a size 12, shirts into vest tops, jumpers into jackets, jeans into skirts, you name it!! All with added flowers and embellishment!! 😊 Better get my sewing machine serviced. 😊

Ah well . . . It'll keep me out of the kitchen at least 😊

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  • Hi Anna61 I used to make all my own clothes but they are so cheap now I got out of the habit. I have been getting inspiration lately watching the sewing bee and getting itchy fingers to start making clothes again but updating/embellishing is a good place to start. Love anything craft wise and you are right it does take your mind off FOOD!πŸ‘—πŸ‘šπŸ‘– can't wait to see your restyled clothes. Bev

  • I'm not very good with a machine and I tend to do most stuff by hand. I can mend and I love cross stitch (good for busying the hands so they can't be stuffing food in your mouth :) ) but I've not quite got the knack with the machine. The tension's all wrong and the look of the bunched up thread is very bad and puts me off. :(

  • Might be worth having someone look at if? Couple of minor things it could be- bobbin not wound correctly/inserted correctly/different thread to top πŸ˜•

  • Could be. I think what I really need is a class of some kind. Just not sure how to find one nearby!

  • Unfortunately nothing beats a class, or at least, some one who can use a machine/read a pattern, it's not something you can learn easily from a book πŸ˜• John Lewis staff usually very helpful 😊

  • Oh Anna I'm so envious of anyone who can sew, I can barely thread a needle, I have a friend who takes clothes apart then redesigns them before putting them back together.

  • That's what I am going to attempt to do 😊 Starting with a kimono dressing gown I made as my final diploma piece, much too big now 😊😊😊

  • I like getting ribbons of sequins and sewing them across the fronts of things, but am yet to have any success resizing things, apart from one skirt where I threaded elastic into the waistband...

  • Sounds fun 😊

  • I've been dabbling as I went down the sizes in the attic. Now need to sort out all the ones I might want to keep as favourites and see what I can do with them. Has anyone resized jumpers? Not home knitted, of course, they can just be unraveled and knitted again, but I do have some favourites I want to take in. Anyone else had the idea of making some of their clothes reversible? By giving them hidden seams? Just thought it would really allow me to get the capsule wardrobe for packing?

  • Sounds fun 😊 And I think jumpers can be machine stitched prior to cutting, edges bound with ribbon to create a cardigan 😊 Loads of ideas on Pinterest 😊

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