I am finding this difficult, have set myself up with 2 lb either side of 10 St. Prole m now is I am not writing everything down and counting, so I need to do that as I am being tempted by cake when we go out and my willpower has evaporated so I must weigh in next Mon , hope that saying this will compel me to trying again , hope everyone is progressing better than me this week !, so today I am 10.075 but tomorrow ?. After 2 doughnuts and apiece of cake I must get back to it hmm mm!


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  • You can't have your cake and eat it as the saying goes! Well, you can have your cake but it must be included as part of a meal, and not extra to a meal! If you have a pud tonight, having already had cake, better make it a sugar free jelly!

  • I'm at the maintaining stage too and had too much chocolate today. :-/ Haven't been too bad generally though. I bought a really pretty little notebook from Smiths and I'm writing it all down in there as I don't have the 12 week plan sheets anymore. I intend to do this for about a year until it becomes second nature. I'm also going to continue with the weigh in every Monday as that really makes a difference.

    Good luck!

  • I'm logging my food for a few days to get my maintaining back on track after putting a couple of lbs on. It's a good strategy to check you're not letting bad habits sneak back in. I had too many calories earlier on today, let's just say there was some chocolate and a generous lunch and leave it there... But I still had 400 cals left for dinner. So I was good, measured the oil and had a healthy veg curry, no additional drinks/afters, and stayed within my cals (which I've set at 1800 for now). If I hadn't been keeping track I might have overdone it at dinner, so this has helped me see where I'm going wrong and get back on track. It's all about keeping that close eye!

  • I have been maintaining for 14 months. My maintenance weight goes up and down by a couple of pounds every week top weight is 10st and my happy weight 9st 10 . It naturally fluctuates in between , but whenever it creeps up to 9st13 , I reduce my calories and record everything for a week. Usually it drops off again.. Everybody's maintenance level is different depending on age, current size, activity etc. My maximum unfortunately seems to be only 1550 cals , then I start to gain. But it can take months to establish your own maintenance level Im afraid. Keep at it 😊

  • Hi I know this post is a bit old now but I have just read it this morning after searching for maintaining. Just wondered how you are doing? I reached my goal of 10 stone on Monday and I am struggling and its only Thursday morning. I had 4 little caramel slices yesterday and a big portion of Eaton Mess for pudding last night! I know I can eat a little more now but only seem to be eating the naughty stuff. Does that settle down? Am I just rebelling against not having it for months? Did your weight increase by a little bit because of the extra food in your digestive system? Wonder if you could let me know what you have found? Thanks skinnylizzie.

  • Well done to reach your target weight. Dont panic, maintenance can be achieved without continued pain!

    I strongly suggest you increase calories by just a few at a time, say add 100 extra for a week or so, then add 200 etc . and personally I still recorded everything for several months ( and I still log my "naughty" days to see what im actually eating reminds me to adjust a bit afterwards .

    These days I still try to choose healthy options , smaller portions etc but I admit I do seem to have more of a sweet tooth again, and I admit that some days I dont see a vegetable at all 😕

    But generally I allow myself wine, cake , chocolate once or twice a week, when I want it, but only have limited portions and dont go crazy . I make a note of it and adjust a bit over the week . Somehow or other, I am still be keeping within my calorie maintenance level and have not gained weight, but I have to admit not every day is a healthy choice.

  • Hi elliebath. I will try to just increase my calories by 100 at a time - that is a very good idea and definitely going to still keep a record of what I eat. Glad to hear you can still maintain and not have to make every day a healthy one. At the moment I don't think I could eat large portions as I guess my stomach has shrunk a bit and eating more gives me a tummy ache, so I need to keep portion control in check so I don't go back to the portions I was eating before. Thanks for your reply :)

  • Yes, tummy ache is something I now get occasionally, usually if I indulge in french bread or garlic bread ( my tummy definitely prefers wholegrain) .....I also get reflux pain if I drink too much wine without water. thats a good thing, stops me overindulging!!

  • Hi, I'm back from 2 weeks away in cornwall in van. weighed today at 10.3.5. so gained 3.5 lb which was not tooooo bad considering my healthy eating went out the window with cream teas and cake and 2 pasties,it was hard hubby eats the most unhealthy things and being in tiny villages with limited open top bus travel on coastal route buying food was difficult and limited, more planning needed!! So today eaten the last sin of almond tart and clotted cream, had family over for healthy meal of salmon prawns jacket potato and salad followed by strawberries and yogurt. Back on counting and weighing tomorrow, daughter has started too. so hope scales move slightly tomorrow downwards fingers crossed. All I can say is you cant let up because the desire for the unhealthy stuff is still there! Hope everyone is getting there, saw a lot of unhealthy looking people out there so don't give up x

  • That sounds like a positive outcome to me .... a carefree holiday, some tasty indulgences, and just a small, manageable weightgain. I've just been away too and have gained 2 lbs in 7 days, so we're in the same boat but we both know how to navigate our way forward !

  • Yes it is manageable and since the weekend I have gone down to10.3lb which is better and have been making the soup. Have also set myself a sock challenge! I am trying to knit a pair on 4 needles in 4 ply, I started this on bank holiday mon in aug and was doing quite well with the leg bit until I got to the heel, I was at center parcs with grandkids so before they woke up I did a pattern repeat every morning but then I got to the heel which needs more concentration so have just managed it over the last week inbetween looking after kids again...... Should be on the easy foot now! It is good for focusing the mind and not eating, only trouble is I have to knit two!! What strategies are you using? Best wishes x

  • Wow , knitting socks is definitely beyond me , in fact anything more than a simple scarf ! Your story reminds me of my dear late Mum at school in the 1920s. At the end of the knitting lesson they returned their half finished socks to the " class knitting basket" until next lesson. Because Mum could not turn the heels she took another girl's pair from the basket next time and carried on ... she said she got away with this twice before she was caught out, and had her knuckles rapped. ..literally with a ruler !

  • That's very interesting as my Mum is 91 and she was at a village school and stayed there until she was 13. There were only 2 classes and the teacher used to knit socks for the children who came to school without any! A bit different these days....

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