Need a big kick up the backside!!!!!

Be as brutal as you want, i need a kick up the bot.

Despite posting in various groups asking about healthy diet and excercise around a week ago, I have failed miserably so far lol. I mean the eating part hasnt been so bad, apart from the works buffet i had Tuesday and leftovers of it from yesterday and then a toffee crisp and fizzy pop...

I have only taken the dogs out twice despite planning on getting up earlier on a morning to take her out for my gran. my alarm goes off and i seriously cannot be bothered to get up and end up just switching my alarm off.

i have a weekend event in 10 weeks time and am now planning to go away in 3 months time and wanted to lose as much weight as i could for both. and i just have no motivation.

fire away! i need some help ha ha...

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  • Hi, do you have a friend who you can start an exercise regime with, go to the gym, even walking daily taking the dog with you? when you have a buddy you don't realise how far you travel because you are chatting. Do you work during the day? I am 55 and have a hip problem but I realise I am responsible for myself, it is hard trying to re-educate yourself into doing daily exercise but you have to push yourself what is the alternative? I wish I had this way of thinking 20 years ago but it has taken many awful life events and depression to bring me to this. Don't give in, if you put on your favourite music and dance/exercise in private you are moving, you say the food side is ok, are you logging what you eat, counting calories? it is the hidden ones that do the damage. Give yourself a small target for next week it is so gratifying to meet it and make a new one to aim for. Are you on the 12 week plan? I have found this so good for me to work along. It is hard, it won't be easy, you are the only person who can help yourself, think of the alternative and just think how you will feel if you lose some weight however small by next week then move on. There is always your GP maybe they can offer advice or a weekly weigh in clinic for you. Let us know how you get on BUT DON'T GIVE UP!💕 Bev

  • I know it's hard but it just depends on how much you want to lose the weight and become healthier and fitter. It requires a constant amount of motivation and will power. I just knew that I wanted to be slimmer and fitter more than I wanted to be overweight and sluggish and unhealthy. Think how you will feel when it is say 2 weeks away from your holiday - will you be kicking yourself that you didn't stick with the plan. 3 months is not long in the scheme of things. Also I usually put on weight on holiday so if you don't lose any before you go you will have even more to lose when you get back! How about just trying to really stick with it for 1 week? I am sure if you can focus and do everything you need to in 1 week that you will start to feel better and that may then give you more motivation to carry on. Come on you can do this! :)

  • If you're not really a morning person maybe you can find a different time of day that works for you. I was finding it difficult to get to the pool in the mornings because of issues with public transport. I now go during my lunch break and find it much easier to get my sessions in.

    If mornings are the only time you can get out then something I find works well with dogs is to leave the door open for them so they can come and get you in the morning. You'll be surprised how quickly they get into the habit of being taken for a walk in the morning and they will find a way to wake you up! :)

    Last time I visited my parents their dogs got into a morning walking routine within a couple of days. And they definitely would not let me sleep in when they could be out walking. :D

  • You can do it! My advice would be:

    Firstly - set some goals. You have a weekend event in 10 weeks, so depending on how overweight you are, you could lose 10-20 or even more lbs by then. You'll be a clothes size smaller. You'll feel better, look better and have more energy.

    Secondly - check the NHS BMI calculator. How many calories should you be eating a day? Start tracking your intake today, not tomorrow, how many have you eaten already today? What does that leave you with? Download free MyFitnessPal app or simialr to track. Plan your meals, including snacks, for tomorrow.

    Thirdly - come back here on Mondays and join the weigh-in session, and let us know how you get on!

    Good luck, together we can do it :-)

  • I hope this is brutal enough for you; you can't outrun a bad diet. All of the 'apart from's add up to thwart your health.

    Any changes you decide to make need to be enjoyed so you want to do them, not turn your alarm off and roll over. Remember when you first fell in love, you would move heaven and earth to find time for that! I could suggest that you go to bed earlier (the body works better around the hours of daylight, whether we think we are night owls or not) but the impetus to change needs to come from yourself so you will buy into it. If we give the responsibility to someone else, the moment things get tough we can be tempted to disown it.

    How's that? ;-)

  • For me what helped was making my diary public on myfitnesspal all which I use. Letting others see the junk I eat was embarrassing!

    I started thinking do I really want those people to know in eating this?

    And also, at the start, when I was about to grab something I didn't need, I used to try really hard to imagine id just dropped it in something horrible. It sounds disgusting but imagining someone else's toe nail clippings or belly button fluff on top of it really put me off 😂

  • I use a variation of that. I tell myself it was something made by a Brownie. Girls that age will touch anything and then touch the food. Once I even saw one Brownie drop some shortbread dough on the floor, pick it up, and squish it back in with the rest. Yuck!

    Definitely don't want to eat ANYTHING that's been touched by a Brownie! ;)

  • And actually looking at calorie content can help too. I pick a packet of hula hoops up, 127 calories. I think how long I would have to be on the exercise bike to burn those off and think, its just not worth it.

  • 10 weeks is long enough to do couch to 5k, you could download the podcasts and start that. 3 months is long enough to do the NHS 12 week weight loss plan, start by downloading the plan, signing up to emails, and weigh in with Lowcal on Monday. Also measure everything, it's not just about lbs. When you start seeing the inches go down you'll definitely feel motivated. Couch to 5k is great for losing inches from your waist by the way...

  • Hi Bethany,

    If you are anything like me it will be in your head. I tend to build up exercise in my mind rather than just getting on with it I start thinking 'do I really want to go', 'I'm tired from work maybe I should just go tomorrow instead' but when I make myself do it I actually enjoy it and feel amazing afterwards like I have really achieved something.

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