Sunshine Anyone?

Well good morning all! Is there anyone out there who has stolen the sun? We have had rain since Saturday and last night was horrendous, rain, no floods more like and lightening/thunder for a couple of hours. Today doesn't look much better either. I feel like going out and doing a sun dance ( opposite to a rain dance) but I don't think the gods would look too kindly on a 50 something woman needing to lose a few stone jigging about in her garden, the men in white coats might take me awayπŸ˜‚ Well at least the treadmill is in the garage so I can get my exercise in hope everyone else is managing theirs, onwards and downwards all, hope you have a lovely day. πŸ’•


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  • Pleased you are keeping your sense of humour despite the weather! We had a couple of breaks in the rain yesterday, I managed a walk during the first and during the 2nd there was an overweight 50 something jigging about to an excercise video on my patio - me! Don't know what the Gods, or the neighbours thought, but it was fun!

  • Hey join he club, if your neighbour needs to lose weight you might have started a trend, and as long as you enjoy it keep going. My dance along to my favourite songs is in the bedroom on my own so my daughters don't take the Micky. Let's hope the good weather arrives soon. 🌞

  • Hehehe me too πŸ˜‚

  • I'm really fed up with this wheater but it won't be stopping me from working out. I went to the gym this morning. woke up at 6.14 am. 45 min of cardio and 15 min abs. After 60 min of intense training, I had to cycle all the way to uni and basically took another shower under the rain. However, as I said, it won't stop me from going to the gym.

    Don't let the wheater be an excuse to lazy around. :)

  • There are always alternatives to exercise around the British weather, good on you for keeping your exercise upπŸ‘ I have already done 1 walk/jog on the treadmill this morning will go on later after lunch and try to beat my previous kms. 😊

  • I know how you feel Bev, it's been raining here since monday! I postponed my run yesterday because of it, but just decided that a soggy, jiggling 59yr old was just what everyone needed to see this morning! :D

    You go for it girl, jiggle til your heart's content! Rain, or shine! :)

  • I'm just back from s very grey damp stomp up the cliffs, walking off some stressful family stuff, got soaked but feel fab 😊 Longest walk in one go to date (since my op last year that is) almost 4km 😊 Home to light the fire 😊 My granny would turn in her grave, I can hear her, "a fire?? In June?? Tsk" lol πŸ˜‚

  • You do to Moorless!🌞 who cares what other people think, let's hope the rain disappears and we can have our summer at last, longest night next week and there hasn't been a summer yet.πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦β˜”οΈπŸŒ©

  • I'm still waiting for spring Bev! This is the worst year, weatherwise, that I can remember, or maybe it's just because I'm no longer a couch potato, that I'm aware of how awful it is! :)

  • See, I just don't think that summer exists in England. I think it's probably a fairy tale! ;)

    I'm very much looking forward to the high temperatures when I head back to visit the family on Sunday. 90s here I come! :D

    (90F is around 32.2C :) )

  • I can cope with cold, better than heat, it's just the rain that's a menace! :)

    Enjoy those temps! :)

  • Oh, I will! I love the heat. I just can't cope with your humidity, being from a desert. :)

  • It's sunny here, but I swear it wasn't me who took it. When I was cycling earlier it did that sudden torrential thing, my shoes are still wet. The sun is mocking us...

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