Hi everyone. Thankyou for all your messages. I'm pleased to say I have lost 7lbs in my first week. I'm really proud of myself. I found it hard on day three but just kept veiwing what you have all said. That was the motivation for me. I have never lost this amount like this before even when i was in the vaious slimming clubs. I have found the walking at the moment best for me.

Has anyone tried the new vegetable spaghetti that has been advertised, is it any good as I love pasta. I need to find something that is good for me and I love veggies.


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5 Replies

  • Wow ally49 very well done!👍⭐️😊 Like you I look on here daily to find the encouragement and advice needed to stay on track and it is the best thing I have done just knowing there are lovely people out there in the same boat with constructive advice to give. Like you I have just upped my walking at the moment to build up an exercise regime but hope to add as I progress. I have not tried the vegetable spaghetti but tonight I am making baked veggie burgers made with chick peas will post how they were tomorrow and recipe if any good. Keep up the good work. Bev

  • Thanks. I hope you are doing ok. Looking forward to hear about your veggie burgers. You keep up the good work too.

  • Wow, well done, bet you are super happy! I've not tried the vegetable spaghetti yet but I do think they look tempting. I tend to grate courgette and carrot and either have it on salads or add to bolognese and chilli sauces helps with my 5 a day. I love broccoli too, with everything lol.

  • I always read all these lovely posts over breakfast (muesli). This keeps me focussed between WW meetings and weigh ins. So thanks everyone and good luck to all of us whether newbies or regular posters.

  • Wow, thanks for posting this as I am on day 3 and feeling a bit low but just as you said, I have been reading all the posts here and staying focussed. I am trying a very basic approach at the moment of just eating home made food whatever it might be and also watching what I snack on. Also started walking atleast an hour a day. I feel better around my tummy and noticed that I am not so bloated anymore. Looking forward to weighing myself again next Monday and will let you all know if the approach has worked.

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