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Good Morning, Just Joined

Good Morning, Just Joined

Hi, I have just joined this group and I'm hoping to follow the NHS 12 week guide.

I have lost weight in the past by various methods, but I give up and revert to my self loathing, which leads me to eat junk.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last October, and have had little support from my GP or my family.

I need to lose quite a lot of weight, around 7-8 stones, and I feel that I need lots of support.

My daughter gets married in 5 weeks too, so its a bit of a stressful time, but I am determined to make the necessary changes to improve my health and my life.

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Hi JennyJudd,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. I like your photo.

Hopefully you'll enjoy being part of this community and I'd like to orient you to help you find your way around. I'd recommend having a look at the Welcome Newbie post, which is in the Pinned posts area - see the top right-hand-side of the homepage for those. Also, there's a Monday group weigh-in, so do join us for that if you fancy a weekly weigh-in to help keep you motivated. See the Events section (below the Pinned posts) for the most recent weigh-in thread.

There is a resource page about Living with Diabetes in the NHS Choices website, and here's a link to that if you want to have a look:


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had much support from your GP regarding your recent diagnosis. Maybe go back to try to get further support, or an alternative GP who might be able to support you better?

The NHS 12 week plan is really good, so I'd recommend having a look at that for helping you to lose weight.

Exciting that you've got a wedding to prepare for, but I realise that's a stressful thing too, so hope it's all going well so far.

Hope to see you around and about in the forum, and have a great first week.

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Jennyjudd and welcome to the forum. I need to lose about 5st or around 4st 8lb to be ok with in my head. I started the 12 week plan just 4 weeks ago today and it is brilliant, you download each week keep a record of calories, steps,kms etc. Join in any of the challengers, Monday weigh in or Kilometre Zero. I don't have support from home and I have not visited my GP. Here you will find encouragement, advice and a welcoming community to help you on your journey. You have a goal to aim for (a wedding) I would take that as my first small step and measure your success in small steps along the way don't think about end amount of weight you have to lose but 2lb one week as a goal etc. Get yourself a pedometer or fit bit to count steps and try to develop a little exercise into your day I have only upped my walking at the moment but do whatever you can. If you need help post on here there is always someone to come to your aid. Good luck keep us posted on your success. Bev

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Hi and welcome, I joined earlier this week and everyone is so encouraging. I have a fair bit to lose but do just focus on half a stone at a time.

Good luck and just drop me a msg if you need a little support or just a chat 🙂

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Hello Jennyjudd

I also started to lose weight prior to a wedding, and it made such a difference to how I felt 😊 I carried on afterwards as it was such a boost 😊

I did quite a lot of reading to try to figure out what was making me overeat and that has been useful, also a generous eating plan so I don't feel deprived 😊

This is a great forum, very friendly with lots of support 😊

Best wishes

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Hi Jenny. I joined yesterday too and am keen to find support like you. I can't make it to Weight Watchers or Slimming World meetings so this seems ideal. Like Matilda48 drop me a message if you need any support or encouragement.

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